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77 and 7 Days

MIAF is launching a series of videos to foster the collaboration between local artists. 77 and 7 DAYS is a monologue written and directed by Malcolm Galea featuring actor Mikhail Basmadjian


He lies in our midst – in a filthy bed in a small room. Forgotten or ignored by everyone. His only companions: the insidious thoughts born out of extreme loneliness and a lifetime of regret.

Day after day after day.

On this, his last one, he receives a visitor – and an opportunity. A chance to go back and do it all over again. A chance to take different decisions and a different path. A chance to rebuild bridges long since burned and to embrace loved ones long since lost. A chance to savour the happiness he once took for granted.

A chance to try… and fail… again


Video filmed and edited by Sam Chetcuti – Cyberspace AV

Director and Author: Malcolm Galea

Actor: Mikhail Basmadjian

Malcolm Galea Biography

Some of Malcolm Galea’s works include ‘Id-Dlam taħt it-Teatru’ (Manoel, 2014), ‘Marti Martek, Martek Marti’ (Manoel, 2016), the scripts for ten Christmas pantomimes, as well as the musicals ‘Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej’ (MCC, 2019) and ‘Porn – the Musical’ which had won the award for Best New Musical at the Off-West End Theatre Awards, 2011 following its London run. His first screenplay, the romantic comedy ‘20,000 Reasons’ was produced and released in 2016.

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Mikhail Basmadjian Biography

Mikhail has been acting on the local scene on stage, film and TV for over 30 years. He is a graphic designer and voiceover artist. Having obtained a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration, Mikhail has been working in Marketing for many years and is also a Graphic Designer. He also plays the saxophone and piano. His passions are photography, scuba-diving, travelling and cooking. Lastly, many claim he cooks the best octopus on the island.

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