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Żfin Malta

ŻfinMalta is Malta’s National Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Paolo Mangiola. The company is a talented and adaptable dance ensemble with a diversity of creative voices reflecting the many influences that form today’s Malta. Established in 2014, the company is one of the country’s leading public cultural organisations, at the forefront of Malta’s contemporary art scene. ŻfinMalta provides a space for artists to develop and take risks, contributing to an open and expansive dance ecology in Malta and internationally, and providing opportunities for aspiring, emerging and established dance professionals to realise their potential. ŻfinMalta’s work invites audiences to contemplate and question our contemporary world, with the ambition to entertain and to enrich the lives of all who interact with the company – audiences, collaborators and participants alike.

Żfin Malta


Malta International Arts Festival 2022

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