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Bernie and Pod

The name of the band Bernie & Pod comes from the names and profession of the band members - Bernie for Bernard and Pod for the profession of Ivan, who is podiatrist. Bernard and Ivan have known each other for over 25 years and in 2014 decided to do a gig to raise funds for the Ursolini Sisters' creche. From there they decided to continue growing as a band and in 2015 Duncan joined them as a drummer. A few months ago, Allen the bassist joined, completing the band with his unique and exceptional notes. Bernie & Pod have five original songs and as a band they do their best to produce innovative and unique music, mostly in Maltese. They have taken part in many local festivals and events such as the Farsons Great Beer Festival, Rockestra, Birgu Fest, Rock the Fort and took part with the Malta Youth Orchestra in the national Christmas concert with their original song 'You and I this Christmas. Bernie and Pod are honoured to have taken part in the 2021 music festival with the song Take Me Back and this year with the songs Ħlomt with the collaboration of the great singer Fiona Cauchi. It is also worth mentioning that Fiona Cauchi has now joined Bernie and Pod as a singer.

Bernie and Pod


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