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Kantera formed in 2020 with the aim of bringing the traditional Maltese folk genre to the modern one. In Kantera’s musical style, instruments related to Maltese folklore and modern electronic instruments come together to create a unique sound - music🎼 of the present that speaks at the same time from the future and the past.

The style of song that Kantera produces is based on Maltese lyrics that touch on social and cultural themes of our time and the past, with the use of Maltese proverbs and idioms and involving talent both from Malta and Gozo.

The instruments that make up Kantera are the piano accordion, the keyboard , the saxophone , the aerophone, the mandolin, the violin , the Maltese guitar and bass guitar, the flute, the willow, the pumpkin, and percussion, along with lead singer and backing vocals.

In 2021, when the band was formed, the band released two original songs in Maltese called "L-Ewwel Jien" and "Tliet Kitarri u Mandolina". Our first song was "L-Ewwel Jien" for Mużika Mużika Festival - Maltese Song 2021, with which the band placed third. In the same year the band were also invited to be part of the MaltaRocks show at the granaries in Floriana. This year The band released two original songs in Maltese "Bil-Kelma t-Tajba" in collaboration with Hooligan and Tkun ‘l Hawn Għaddi ". In April of this year, Kantera took part in the Mużika Mużika Festival again where I was ranked second with the song "Tkun ‘l Hawn Għaddi”. Kantera’s style was created to bring young people and teenagers closer to Maltese folk and tradition through the way the instruments and lyrics in the songs with each other. The music where the past visits the present and is recognizable in the times we live in and travel with the sound of modern folk.



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