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Klara Vassallo

Klara Vassallo (2003) is a University student. She writes poetry in Maltese and sometimes experiments with bilingual poetry. In 2020, she won the National Poetry Prize with the poem 'dokumentazzjoni tal-minuti mnikkra fik'. Presently, she is working on her writings by challenging confined stylistic and thematic spaces and exploring all the ways she can make art out of herself. Klara started dancing when she adopted speech. So, the jargon of dance came with language. She has been creating poetry with her body for longer than she has been writing it. There are rhythms, that as a writer that dances, you only get from dance. For her, both the spoken language and the physical one, are important ways of communication. Essentially, poetry is spoken music. The process of dancing allows one to become conscious of the way they move, creating a clear image of what exists within them and outside of them. To her, the processes of motion are similar – one involves the articulation of words and the other the articulation of motion.

Klara Vassallo


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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