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Laura Arend

In 2006, Laura Arend joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (CNSMDL) and the Jeune Ballet. In 2009, she was accepted at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City and flies to the United States for three years.

In 2011, Laura Arend begins to present her choreographic research work at the mythical Judson Church - NYC. She leaves New York in 2011 to join the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II (KCDC) in Israel.

In early 2016 Laura Arend decided to focus solely on the development of her personal projects and created her company. She focuses her work on the inspiration of the duet "dance and travel".

This engine of reflection and creation marks the starting point of the creations of Laboration Art Company. She choreographed YAMA, FIVE, ANNA, YIRO and MIDAS.

She was commissioned to create a solo for the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art in 2017. Laura Arend has also been invited to choreograph for other companies and in the spring of 2015 she created Leadersheep for the Jeune Ballet Européen. In 2017, it is the turn of the Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine with SYNC and in 2020, she creates PARIOSCORPIO for them.

In parallel to her choreographic work, Laura makes herself available for different experiences: she dances in Valérie Donzelli's feature film "Notre Dame", in 2019 and participates in events such as at the Opéra National de Paris under the direction of Dimitri Chamblas and poses for the editorial of Gala magazine. She collaborated with LA HORDE for the Isabelle Marant fashion show for Fashion Week in September 2020. Since 2021, she is also dancing for choreographer Jill Crovisier in Luxembourg.

On October 21st took place the GALA HOPE. An exceptional evening organized by Laura Arend and Charlotte Ranson for the benefit of the Institute of Myology. On this occasion Laura has the opportunity to collaborate with the artist JR. She presented her duet with Principal dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, Alice Renavand.

In 2022, Laura will premiere Moana. A collaboration with photographer Agathe Poupeney. A photography exhibition , video dance and performance to raise awareness on ocean’s plastic pollution.

Laura Arend


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