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Lia Chamilothori

Lia Chamilothori graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and she was an athlete of rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics for over than 15 years. Later on she studied dance in the Professional Dance school ‘Rallou Manou’ and in 2011, she was awarded a scholarship by Onasis Cultural Foundation in artistic and technical improvement in Brussels, Belgium (Danscentrum Jette), where she attended for two years several workshops of contemporary dance and improvisation.
As a dancer she has worked with several dance companies in Greece and abroad (Athanasia Kanellopoulou Performing Arts, Kinitiras, la ignorancia, Ki omos kineitai, Creo dance company, Paracoon, krama dance company, Transito, Carmen Blanco Principal, Prosxima dance co etc). Furthermore, she worked as an assistant choreographer in Fora etc company and she was a founding member of the European project “ home@home”.
She gives classes of contemporary dance and acrobatics at the professional dance school "Chorochronos", at Athens Drama School and more dance schools in Athens.

Lia Chamilothori


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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