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Mimmo Cavallaro

The band: Mimmo Cavallaro (voice and battente guitar) ● Andrea Simonetta (classical guitar, mandola, backing vocals) ● Gabriele Albanese (wind instruments, sax, Calabrian lyre) ● Silvio Ariotta (electric bass) ● Francesco Carioti (drums, percussion) ● Martina Farcomeni (organetto)

The use of the dialect in the singing and of traditional instruments such as the Calabrian lira, mixed with texts and original harmonies, make Mimmo Cavallaro an important reality for the history of Italian World Music. The artistic project of Mimmo Cavallaro was officially born in 2009 with the publication of the first album "Sona Battenti", produced by Taranta Power under the guidance of Eugenio Bennato.
Since 2011, with the release of "Hjuri di Hiumari", a particular sound is formed and an original artistic idea that, starting from the language of traditional music, it expands to horizons typical of the world music. In 2012 released "Rolica" and in 2013 "Sonu": Mimmo Cavallaro became more and more established as popular songwriter of the national and international scene. He performs in several major festivals ("Primo Maggio" in Rome, "Musicultura", "Folkest", "Notte della Taranta", "Roma incontra il mondo") and abroad (tours in Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Australia, Argentina) and it speaks about the entire phenomenon also in several television passages (TG3 Linea notte, Mediterraneo, Tg2 Mizar).

In 2013, again, he decided to use the material collected over the years and create a new record product, that contains the most significant pieces of his research period, dividing them into two categories: those of sacred nature (Christmas songs and Easter songs) and those with a lay matrix (songs of love, separation, outrage, and episodes of daily life linked to the world of work). A double cd called "Sacro et profano" that reinterprets 31 traditional songs with a strong poetic content and a refined, modern sound without betraying the original language. The very rich discography and thousands of concerts in the squares and theatres around the world, lead the Calabrian artist to publish, in 2017, what is perhaps his most ambitious work: "Calanchi". An album of unpublished works in the studio masterfully produced by Tony Canto (who worked with many artists close to the popular tradition, such as Mannarino). A first single entitled "Europe that dance" has already been published, accompanied by a video shot by Giacomo Triglia (videomaker for the likes of Ligabue, Brunori and many others).

Mimmo Cavallaro


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