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Nadenh Poan

Nadenh began working part-time with Epic Arts in 2005 and went on to study with them on a two-year programme enabling him to learn more about contemporary dance, choreography, drama and visual arts. He received choreographic mentoring for his short works from Chisato Minamimura and Adam Benjamin.

Graduating in 2011, Nadenh then became a full-time dancer and teacher with Epic. He came into contact wth Stopgap as a result, as Epic commissioned Stopgap to create Sharrabang in 2011. Nadenh then joined Stopgap in June 2013 as a dancer in our emerging artist company Sg2.

With Sg2, Nadenh has collaborated on Exhibition and The Awakening. He has recently collaborated with Tim Casson from Casson&Friends, on a children’s theatre piece called Night at the Theatre.

Nadenh graduated from Sg2 in 2016 and auditioned to be part of The Enormous Room.

Nadenh’s post has been made possible due to the kind generosity of Christopher Benstead and Denni Sayers.

Nadenh Poan


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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