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Stephanie Borg Art

“I aim to raise heritage awareness through my creativity, by bringing attention to what we take for granted.”

A lover of colour and pattern – so is Stephanie Borg, a Maltese artist and designer who returned to Malta after a 10-year absence, living mostly in the Sultanate of Oman. Ever since her return in 2008, Stephanie has made it her mission to reinterpret Malta’s daily life and culture with its full vibrancy and charm, into a contemporary series of artworks and products. Her first collection comprised of a series of ink drawings that captured the quotidian life of the locals. Stephanie’s preferred medium is ink, which she applies layer upon layer until the desired effect, colour, depth, and opacity are achieved. This is a very time-consuming and laborious technique which takes days to complete.

The artist's keen understanding of colour and linear form combined with her graphic design experience make up the Stephanie Borg Collections. She was the first to introduce and reinterpret local subjects such as the old Maltese patterned tiles, the local traditional doors, and the wrought iron designs into cheerful yet elegant homeware, gifting, fashion, gourmet, and art collections. Through her distinctive style, the artist communicates her passions in pursuit of local heritage preservation in a fresh and emotive approach by reinterpreting the not so far away past and traditions. Dr Joan Abela, from the Notarial Archives Foundation, shares her thoughts on Stephanie's work: “I am a keen admirer of your art and love the way our traditions are silently, but surely, being diffused in our households through your range of products.”

Today, after a journey of 14 years of hard work, perseverance, and a range of over 430 products, Stephanie brought back the focus and raised an awareness on the beauty of Malta’s heritage resulting into a trend that has caught the eye of young artists and designers who are now inspired by her work and are following the lead on the trend! Local cement tile-making workshops are also back in business and more effort is being made by homeowners to restore our traditional façades and apertures.

The artist’s work has exported the local colours far and wide. Stephanie has held solo exhibitions and participated in collectives both locally and abroad. Her Studio Boutique is situated in Rabat, Malta. More of her work can be viewed at:

Stephanie Borg Art


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