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Vassiana Skopetea

Vassiana Skopetea is an Athens based researcher of movement, dance performing artist and choreographer. With degrees from both Professional Dance School AKTINA, Athens, Greece and Department of Law, Democritus University of Law, Komotini, Greece. In 2019, she began collaborating as a dancer and assistant choreographer with choreographer Athanasia Kanellopoulou (RUPTURE Persephone, Nadja-Who Am I?). She has collaborated as a dancer and performer with cochlea_collectiφ under the supervision of Georgia Paizi (Things my hands sea, audible dances|georgia paizi&cochlea_collectiφ) and with the Spanish dance company, La coja dansa (Carve a niche). Her choreographic works have been presented in Athens Video Dance Project (stigma(te), Theeres exodou|EXILE), and her latest piece is expected to be presented in In Progress Feedback Festival of Kinitiras artistic network for performing arts (continuous to be continued). From February till March of 2020, she developed her choreographic practice, called Fictional heroes, during the residence program of Duncan Dance Research Center in Athens. She actively participates in classical ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and repertory workshops. In parallel, she is very interested in mixing dance with other arts; for this reason, she takes classes of acting and sculpture

Vassiana Skopetea


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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