Congregation at Mdina

10 NOVEMBER 2019 

Mdina Gate - 10:00am | 12:00pm | 2:00pm | 4:00pm



Let a sonic sphere take you on a journey to a secret location, guiding you by sound alone.
Seemingly possessed of its own mind it guides you through familiar and unfamiliar terrain.
Can you keep the sphere ‘happy’ by going in the right direction? In return the sphere will
lead you on a sonic voyage to the mysterious final destination where you will encounter a
meeting of the spheres, a chiming, pulsing web of electronic sound.

To participate in Congregation by Ray Lee visit the booking information point at Mdina Gate
where you will register for free and will be directed to a nearby starting location. There you
will be met by one of the ‘Guardians of the Spheres’ who will introduce you to your sphere.
After that you will be on your own, with a sphere as your guide to the secret final zone…

Event Description

Congregation is an outdoor, immersive, sound art theatre project that builds on the success
of Ray Lee’s other outdoor work such as Chorus and Ring Out.

In Congregation you will be invited to join a small group to go to a discrete location in Mdina
where you will be given a silver sphere. The sphere will guide you to a location by emitting
sounds, one sound for the correct direction and another for the wrong direction.
Simultaneously other audience members are being met at different locations and also being
given similar spheres.

As the participants walk off holding their sonic spheres, they will turn a corner to find more
people also carrying spheres until the sphere carrying participants have become a
‘congregation’ moving inexorably towards a central location.

As the spheres congregate the sounds begin to change and the mass of spheres will create a
humming electronic web of sound that will attract and engage thousands of passers-by in a
strange processional science fiction ceremony. The mass of ‘singing’ spheres will be used
generate an electronic musical composition at the final location with the participants being
the orchestral players holding the choir of sonic spheres.


Congregation By

Ray Lee

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