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Sean Gravina

Sean Gravina is a young and dynamic chef. His simple yet creative take on food is exciting yet unpretentious. An ITS graduate, Sean started his career cooking for staff at The Hilton, Malta. When a friend approached him to run the kitchen at local restaurant Chez Philippe he did so creating a menu which was fresh and tantalising, gaining a loyal clientele. Sean's passion for food drove him to look outside his shores to keep exploring his culinary knowledge. 


Whilst studying at number 1 school Cordon Bleu, he specialised in French Cuisine at Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden. Following his graduation, he joined Gordon Ramsey's Michelin Star restaurant Maze, where he began to enjoy the uninhibited desire to push boundaries with food. 


Prior to the return to his home territory he worked at CUTS restaurant, part of the world-renowned Dorchester Collection run by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puk. He also produced his own spot on lifestyle program Chill on Net TV in 2014 and joined Tv Star Moira Delia in their prime time show Gourmet Today for 2 years. 

Also, Sean entered Masterchef Professionals in 2014 and left the Competition as a Quarter Finalist.


He is currently Producing and presenting Taste & Travel together with Claire Aguis Ordway on One TV which shows off countries around the world and their food culture. Sean is the Chef patron of popular Eatery Crust Bakery-Bar-Bistro which boasts homemade bistro dishes and much more. Sean also hosts events in his private areas at the restaurant. 

Sean will be directing the Traditional Maltese Recipes Segments during Għanafest Online. The segments will be available on and the Għanafest Facebook Page as of the 12th of May, every Tuesday at 10:00. The grand final will be available on Tuesday 10th June at 16:00.

Gastronomy has always been part of Maltese culture. Maltese cuisine has strongly been influenced by the many inhabitants that occupied the island over the ages, harbouring a wide mix of Mediterranean flavours. Traditional Maltese recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, featuring seasonal fresh ingredients and hearty dishes.

This year Għanafest Online will not only feature some of the most staple recipes in Maltese cuisine, but we will also be giving them a contemporary twist thanks to our own celebrity chef. We have teamed-up with MasterChef UK Finalist Sean Gravina who will be recreating a traditional recipe in the CRUST Bakery – Bar – Bistro kitchen.

Interested in this segment? Tune in every Tuesday for a special meal that will surely tickle your taste buds.

Cooking Session 1

Recipe 1

Balbuljata with freshly baked Maltese Bread

Learn the secrets of making Maltese Bread with your home oven.

Balbuljata is a very simple traditional meal made from vegetables. It can be served either as a side or as a quick, but filling meal and it is usually served hot accompanied by bread. Maltese bread is a staple in Maltese cuisine forming part of the island’s cultural heritage. This sourdough bread popularly accompanies a wide variety of dishes; it can also be enjoyed on its own with some oil or seasoned with various vegetables and accoutrements.

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Cooking Session 2

Recipe 2


Chef Sean Gravina takes on this favourite Maltese dish and gives it a contemporary twist.

Minestra is a heartwarming soup known for its delicious flavours and high nutritional value. It is made from seasonal vegetables and pasta. This delicious meal is often accompanied by Maltese bread. Historically, Minestra would have been prepared by farmers or low-income families, serving as a hearty meal which made use of leftover veggies. 

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Download this recipe below so you can make this delicious bowl of goodness for yourself:


Cooking Session 3

Recipe 3



Satisfy your sweet tooth with this mouthwatering treat! Join Chef Gravina and his patissiere Fabio as they share their secrets behind this traditional sweet. 

Zeppole are deep fried pastries, resembling a doughnut, that are usually filled with either ricotta,  pastry cream or custard. Traditionally Zeppole are associated with the feast of St. Joseph, as this sweet treat is typically consumed as a celebratory indulgence on the day. Zeppole are also available in a savoury version, stuffed with salty anchovies; these are typically available and consumed during Lent.

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