Dance Tour 2019

4, 5 NOVEMBER 2019 

Archaeology Museum, Valletta - 11:00am


The Department of Dance Studies is delighted to present an adapted version of Dance Tour 2019 in the beautiful space of the Museum of Archaeology for the Three Palaces Festival. The performance will be a programme of extracts of the five works commissioned for this annual event, which aims to showcase the department’s work through performances by the third-year students of the Bachelor in Dance Studies. For the first time in the history of Dance Tour, the tour will also include performers from the Theatre Studies Department in an effort to explore interdisciplinarity.


The full Dance Tour 2019 will be held at the University of Malta’s Valletta Campus Theatre, on the 15th and 16th of November 2019 at 20:00.


Jorge Crecis

Lili Keresztesi

Nawel Skandrani

Sara Accettura

Lucía Piquero

Programme Notes

Oddly Shaped Pearl

Choreography: Sara Accettura

Dancer: Alicja Sośnia

Music: Antonio Vivaldi - La Follia


A game of catch between the contrasts and ornaments of baroque music and its obsessive fear of emptiness


Choreographer’s Bio:

Born in Italy, where she obtained a Diploma in a Proficiency Course for dance teachers at I.D.A.

(Ravenna) and a Master in choreography at European Dance Alliance (Rome), Sara graduated in 2007 with a First-Class Degree at the London Contemporary Dance School. Since then she has danced and taught for several companies and schools in the UK, including The Place in London. In 2009 Sara obtained a Master of Arts in Performance at the London Contemporary Dance School. In 2011 she funded Junior Dance Company Bari, the first youth company in south of Italy. Sara is still working as a freelance dancer with various choreographers. Sara is also pursuing her PhD in Dance and Autism at the University of Bedfordshire (UK). She is now artistic director of Junior Dance Company Bari and Malta, artistic director of Dance Master Class Italy, co-director of the inclusive dance project Dance for All (Bari), Assistant Lecturer for the School of Performing Arts Dance Studies Department and guest lecturer for the Department of Disability Studies at the University of Malta. 

Lascia la Spina

Choreography: Jorge Crecis

Performers: Full company

Music: George Frideric Handel - Lascia la Spina


Jorge works on finding gestural activities and scenarios that infuse or facilitate a peak performative state of mind in the performers, in a way that they can replicate them at will. In this particular piece he researches trust and dynamics of dependency which might appear aggressive to a certain culturally specific outside eye, but which are based on extreme care, empowerment, and compassion.


Choreographer’s Bio:

Jorge holds a degree in Sport Sciences and studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. After working as a professional dancer for different companies throughout Europe, he became a full-time lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) for four years. Currently, Jorge

is an award-winning choreographer whose work has been performed in the main theatres around the world: from the prestigious New York City Centre (USA), to the avant-garde 798 District in Beijing (China) or Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Opera House in London (UK). His latest creation for the company directed by Carlos Acosta has been awarded as the best dance piece presented in Cuba in 2017. Following this motto and based upon his synthesis of sport and dance movement patterns, Jorge founded SQx (somoSQuien eXperience) leading workshops internationally and coaching professional

companies such as Akram Khan Company, DV8, Punchdrunk, Rambert, etc. In 2018 he obtained his PhD degree by Goldsmiths University of London, developing a cutting-edge methodology that he shares through workshop and a one of a kind online training that is called: Towards Vivencia.

La Femme

Choreography: Lili Kerezstesi

Dancers: Thea Cunningham, Nicoletta Pizzicotti, Alicja Sosnia

Music: Peter Lyondev - Kaval Sviri,  Szájról szájra – Lidlidli


Bitch, Lover, Child, Mother, Sinner, Saint, Your Hell, Your Dream, Nothing In Between...

You take it, or you better leave it.


Choreographer’s Bio:

Lili was born in Budapest (Hungary), where she trained in dance since the age of 10. She began her dance practice in a youth company, where she had the chance to get an insight to classical ballet and modern dance techniques such as Graham, Hammadi jazz, and Limón. Within the Dance Dimensions Modern Dance Company, she performed in many national venues and she participated in dance competitions as well. In 2015, she discovered the contemporary dance world by applying for an artistic program in Hungary called, Gangaray. After a year of training with the company she moved to Malta to follow the three-year Dance Studies programme at the University, where in 2019 she achieved her

Bachelor (Honours). During her studies, she performed several times within the university environment and during the third year she had the opportunity to be involved in the dance tour. Nowadays, Lili teaches children in artistic sports, helps them to improve their skills and refines their technique.


Choreography: Lucía Piquero

Performers: Gwen Benito Saico, Thea Cunningham, Daniel Formosa, Nicoletta Pizzicotti

Music: Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata

Soundscape: Niels Plotard

Texts: Neil Gaiman – Credo, Samatha Black Crow (From American Gods)


“I believe that there’s a cat in a box somewhere who’s alive and dead at the same time (although if they don’t ever open the box to feed it it’ll eventually just be two different kinds of dead)” – Neil Gaiman


Choreographer’s Bio:

Lucía was born in Asturias, Spain. There she trained in Classical Ballet with Elisa Novo, and obtained her Classical Ballet Diploma and a BSc in Psychology. In 2006, she moved to London where she trained in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School and obtained her MA in Choreography at Middlesex University. Her choreographies have been presented in several theatres and festivals internationally, including commissions by the Galician Choreographic Centre, the MCC Dance Showcase 2018, and the Malta International Arts Festival, and residencies in the National Dance Company of Spain, and Le Performance in France. She recently choreographed for ZfinMalta, Malta’s national dance company, with which she also collaborated as an expert/researcher in their project for audience development, Movimento. Lucía co-directed the choreographic research project Estancias Coreográficas in Spain 2015-2018, and she is now directing the collaborative interdisciplinary project Embodied Emotion in Motion (E2M) since 2019. Lucía completed her PhD at the University of Roehampton, London, on the experience of emotional import in contemporary dance, and she has presented her research in conferences internationally. She is now Head of Department of Dance Studies at the University of Malta.

Off Shore

Choreography: Nawel Skandrani

Dancers: Thea Cunningham, Nicoletta Pizzicotti, Alicja Sosnia

Video: Sergio Gazzo

Music: Anouar Brahem - Leïla au Pays du Carrousel, E la Nave Va; Souad Massi - 

Ghir Enta; Bachar Mar-Khalifé - Ya Ness.


Flows and reflows from the shores of the Mediterranean. Playing with clichés between nostalgia, sensuality, anger, sadness, humour and irony. A voyage to the far reaches of North Africa and the Middle East so not to forget how this sea has brought us together yesterday, today. And tomorrow. And this despite the rejected and swallowed bodies we refuse to see and listen.


Choreographer’s Bio:

Nawel is a First-Prize winner of the Tunis Conservatory of Music and Dance in 1975 and Third-Prize winner of the Paris Academy of Dance in 1979. She pursued a professional career as a classical ballet dancer in Italy, France, and the USA, before returning to Tunisia in 1988. After four years at the Tunisian National Theatre, where she set up a department of dance training and production, she founded and directed the Tunisian National Ballet from 1991 to 1996, for which she creates her own productions and curates work by international artists such as Thierry Malandain, David Brown, Ricardo Nunez, Walid Aouni, and Imed Jemaa. Since 1997, Nawel continues her career as an independent choreographer and teacher with many productions, including collaborations with theatre. She has also directed workshops, initiated cultural projects, participated in international conferences and published

works on dance. She is a founding member of the Tunisian board of the International Theatre Institute, and of the Tunisian Union of Performing Arts, and she is also a board member of the Young Arab Theatre Fund and the Roberta Cimetta Fund, as well as president of the Dance Production Fund and member of the National Committee for Dance at the Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs.



Thea Cunningham

Nicoletta Pizzicotti

Alicja Sosnia

Gwen Benito Saico

Daniel Formosa



Sara Accettura

Jorge Crecis

Lili Kerezstesi

Lucía Piquero

Nawel Skandrani

Artistic and Rehearsal Directors

Sara Accettura

Lucía Piquero


Technical Director

Moritz Zavan Stoeckle

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