A four-day festival embracing the global diversity of dance

28 July - 31 July 2022


Festival Teachers

Darius Nowak

Poland | Germany

Sarah Vella

Malta | Germany

Dorian Mallia


Christian Brinklow


Nadenh Poan


Hannah Sampson


Guido Sarno

Italy | Czech Republic


CEO - Festivals Malta

Welcome to the first edition of Dance Festival Malta, a celebration of dance through an intensive 4 -day festival.  Dance as an artform has always been featured in most of our festivals...

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Artistic Director
Abela Tranter

I take great pleasure in sharing my joy and honour to be pioneering the first edition of Dance Festival Malta. It comes at a very important time where the performing arts...

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Project Coordinator

Having had the privilege of performing in a few dance festivals overseas over the last 20 or so years I have always hoped that Malta will one day be proud to have its own...

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28 July 2022

8:00PM           Who is She?

8:20PM           Uncharted Origami

8:40PM           (arti)kolazzjonijiet

9:00PM           I Am Alex

9:30PM           Q&A Session

29 July 2022

7:00PM           FROCK 

7:45PM           Live Laugh Love

7:55PM           Mind Enclosure

8:05PM           Playing the Field 

8:15PM           Desiderium    

9:00PM           Salomé 

9:30PM           EVOLVE 

10:00PM         Q&A Sessions

30 July 2022

8:00PM           Viola(TA)

8:35PM           Into Me, See

9:00PM           NADJA - Who Am I? 

9:45PM           Q&A Session

31 July 2022

7:00PM           Space as a Cluster

8:30PM           ANNA

9:20PM           A Place to Be

9:45PM           Closing Event



Festival Malta

Dance Festival Malta is a multi-disciplinary festival that strives to cultivate a dance eco-system in Malta by providing dance students and professionals with a platform for intense training and professional development. Spread over four days in July the festival will host a series of workshops, masterclasses and performances that welcome the richness of the universal language of dance cultures, featuring international artists and choreographers. Through this varied programme, audiences and participants can be part of a unique festival that not only celebrates movement but aims to be a reference point where dancers forge links with the global dance community. Dance Festival Malta represents a re-examination of how we look at dance inviting you to share in a world of passion, movement and connection in Malta.

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