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Francesca Abela Tranter

“let’s take flight and discover the power of movement together.”

I take great pleasure in sharing my joy and honour to be pioneering the first edition of Dance Festival Malta. It comes at a very important time where the performing arts are on the brink of change and the effects of economic and social/cultural change are always influential in dance making. I envision honouring our culture while giving it the tools to secure its future in a changing world where geographic and artistic boundaries are meshing. This pandemic has changed our lives, but it has also truly strengthened our will. As the digital arts have merged with the performing arts it also brings in new possibilities in terms of dance making and how its shared into the world. We learn that nothing will be the same again, but what stops it from being better? As the lockdowns sparked our inner imaginations, the role of dance appeared stronger than ever! It kept us engaged on our screens. For this first edition it is important to emphasize primarily on live performance since we interacted so much with dance over a digital medium in the last two years.

My vision is to continue building and paving the way for the professionalisation and internationalisation of dance in Malta using the transformative power of movement to engage and inspire, fully appreciating the magnitude and trials of the past year and the challenges we will overcome together.


Our team aims at providing opportunities for both local and international artists to showcase their work and present a series of high-quality performances creating a close knit dance community that benefits the Festival which can be measured in economic, cultural and social terms. The participation in the training of new generations of artists, the growth of initiatives aimed at bringing together the arts and audiences of all ages. It is this solidarity of support that presents unity, which is the strength of all artistic influence. In doing so we sustain development in all aspects as we cultivate together, enriching the cultural life of our island through dance.


DFM will include various activities for all the artists, mainly in the form of masterclasses, workshops, panel discussions and performances. Promoting an atmosphere of artistic exchange amongst all artists, participants, and audiences.


The first edition will be hosting a range of interesting dance makers and masters of their craft, aiming to target different dance forms and dance styles with a special focus on contemporary dance and dance theatre. By diving into the different aspects of dance, we hope to encourage and nurture a new culture with audiences giving them the opportunity to delve into the world of dance appreciation providing occasions for discourse.

My vision is to create a festival of vibrant energy that reflects our diverse society today, reconnecting once again with our audiences and their enthusiasm, land marking DFM as a European/Mediterranean dance festival that will attract diversified artists annually.

My deepest gratitude goes to all the team from Festivals Malta and our project Coordinator Sandra Mifsud who have all contributed through their enthusiasm, work, and dedication, giving wings to the first edition of this festival.


Thank you for supporting Dance Festival Malta with your presence all of which is important now more than ever!

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