Heiligenstadt - Another world inside

Step inside an internal soundworld.  Another world inside explores the multitudes of internal sounds, blank silences, distant noise, and the essence of isolation in an interdisciplinary work inspired by Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament, together with the ghost of his raging Grosse Fuge, creating a new "space"…



Concept & Orchestral Score: Michelle Castelletti

Music Composition, Production & Sound Design: Renzo Spiteri

Choreography, Dramaturgy, Light Design and Costume Design: Francesca Tranter

Dancer: Zoe Camilleri

Voice: Antony Eldridge 

Film Direction and Imagery: Emma Tranter

Film: Jean Paul Caruana

Inspiration: Ludwig van Beethoven and his Heiligenstadt Testament


Filmed at:


The Valletta Campus Theatre, Valletta

The Valletta Campus Theatre forms part of the Old University - a late sixteenth century building, built to serve as a Jesuit College by the Knights of Malta.  its turbulent history saw several changes, including a redesign of the Baroque façade of the university in 1647 by architect Franceso Buonamici. With the expulsion of the Jesuits from Malta in 1768, the order established a College and University, and, following a short suspension (1773-75), the university was re-inaugurated once more in 1779 by Grandmaster de Rohan. It now houses the VCT – a state-of-the-art black box theatre, which could not be more appropriate for our performance tonight.

Programme Notes

Heiligenstadt Testament, Ludwig van Beethoven, October 6, 1802: one of the most heartbreakingly poignant and personal, penned by a composer.  Taking this as our fundamental inspiration, together with the ghost of Beethoven’s turbulent Grosse Fuge, and trying to get deep into the mind of a composer who is losing the one sense that should be more perfect than any others – his hearing – this interdisciplinary project reflects the essence of “isolation”, through sound, light, movement, internal emotion and word. What do we experience when we read this – perhaps even more particularly now, when we are all in “isolation”?  Coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the composer, we have explored different interpretations of isolation or solitude: Alone but not lonely; Alone within one’s thoughts; Alone and isolated; Alone and in despair; Cocooned within oneself; Alone in a crowd; Blank face; Deceived by hope; Another world inside; A journey to find oneself; Discovery?  What does it evoke to you?


It is highly recommended that you experience this performance with headphones for maximum impact.

Francesca Tranter

researcher/choreographer/ interdisciplinary dance artist, trained in Malta and UK specialising in Contemporary dance practices. Since 1981 teaching dance extensively at dance academies and institutions both locally and internationally. She has developed strong athletic versatile dancers and thinkers. In 2012 she graduated with a Master’s degree in Performance Dance Studies from the University of Malta School of Performing Arts. She was instrumental in the development of contemporary dance and its hybridity in Malta developing an international dance network. In 1998 she founded Contact Dance Company (CDC) where her work has been presented in numerous high profile theatres and festivals across Europe and the Mediterranean. In 2001 she founded Dance Hybrid Malta, an important annual intensive programme for professional dance training inviting exceptional international artists. In 2010 she assisted the core academic team that set up the full time undergraduate dance study course at the University of Malta. Francesca’s current research investigates the Legacy of Contemporary Dance in Malta, a chronological study of the events that impacted and influenced changes towards contemporary dance in Malta. She is currently assistant lecturer at the dance studies department (2010) at the UOMSPA, coordinator of the dance outreach programme The Evening Space (2016), guest rehearsal director for Moveo Dance Company, and forms part of the programming team for the Malta International Arts Festival (2014).

photo by Emma Tranter

Jean Paul Caruana

is an avid Content Creator driven by his passion for creativity. At an early age, he developed a passion for photography. this was sustained and developed through the numerous trips around the world with his father, a former tour leader. Jean started investing in his equipment refining his style which lead him to start experimenting in videography. He spent many summers shooting events which helped him develop his work. Every new opportunity pushes him to keep on growing in the field and producing more and more innovative content that stands out that recognises his work within this industry.

Dr Michelle Castelletti

is a conductor, composer and interdisciplinary artist with a passion for cross-art and site-specific curation, and projects receiving 5* reviews on international media.  She is Director of Oxford Festival of the Arts, following her tenure as Artistic Director, RNCM – as both Arts Centre and Conservatoire.  She is winner of THE Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts 2015.  Michelle was artistic director of the Malta International Arts Festival with a remit to lead the festival towards European Capital of Culture.  She has also been on significant jury panels, including the British Composer Awards. Michelle serves on several boards, including that of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  She is published by Universal Edition Vienna and recorded by BIS RECORDS.  Her re-working of Mahler’s unfinished Symphony No 10 was broadcast on the World Concert Hall, and No. 1 Orchestral Choice of the month, BBC Music Magazine – The Proms Edition, 2019.  Michelle is proud to be the artistic director of The Three Palaces Festival.

Renzo Spiteri

(b. 1966) is an internationally-respected composer, sound and multi-media artist, producer and percussionist. Active on the international arts circuit for more than 30 years, he has a passion for improvisation, field recording, sound collection and sound design, and their application in art installations, compositions, contemporary dance, live music performances and music for film/moving image. Renzo specialises in the creation of compositions and works that have strong sonic sculptural and dimensional aspects, engaging audiences through sensorial experiential performances and works. He collaborates with choreographers, musicians, visual artists and filmmakers, and leads his own solo and interdisciplinary projects which are presented in major festivals and venues around the world. Renzo holds a Master of Arts degree in Sound Arts from Oxford Brookes University and his on-going artistic research focuses on site-responsive and site-specific installation and performance aesthetics as responses to rural environmental atmospheres.

photo by George Scintilla

Emma Tranter

graduated with a BSc (Hons) Business & Information Technology from the University of Malta. Her interests in the field of IT led her to specialise graduating with an MSc in Cyber Security at the University of Birmingham. Emma always had a fascination for photography from an early age. Her interests in nature, dance and event photography gave her the opportunity to become versatile in her approaches with an artistic eye in capturing the essence of live performance. At 16, she held her first exhibition at St. James Cavalier in Valletta as part of the Ziguzajg Festival and was involved in personal photography of international acts at the annual Malta Music Week. Through her increased exposure, she evolved from the local scene to a vast international one, picked up by world-famous DJ duo, NERVO and later Sigala and Jamie Jones travelling around the globe documenting their journey and shows, concerts, private events, and large international music festivals. Apart from photography, she delved into the tour management side which gave her great insight into the music industry meeting important artists from around the world. She is currently working with Umnai an artificial intelligence company as well as continuing to work within the music industry with Sigala and Jamie Jones. Her love for the performing arts encourages her to continue pursuing collaborative project opportunities in working in film direction and imagery expanding her reach through the lens.

photo by Christian Sant Fournier

Zoe Camilleri

Maltese- based freelance artist and dancer, Zoe Camilleri, started her dance training with the College of Dance. She later went into full- time training at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. After graduating she returned to her home island to join the first ensemble of dancers of ŻfinMalta, first as an apprentice and for the next three years as a full-time dancer. She has worked with choreographers such as Iván Pérez, Jose Agudo, Mavin Khoo, Francesca Tranter, Lucia Piquero, amongst many others. As a freelancer, she has performed in various projects both locally and internationally, while teaching dance in places including the University of Malta. Zoe is inspired by things that she loves, like the sea, trees, the breaking down of patriarchy, and her dog Julius.

photo by Charlene Galea

Antony Edridge

Antony Edridge is a professional actor from London who moved to Malta in 2016 and thence to Gozo last year. Since his arrival in Malta, he has appeared in My Fair Lady, Mamma Mia, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Jew of Malta, The Lying Kind, Image of an Unknown Young Woman & Unbelieve It! He teaches for Stagecoach & privately and has conducted Shakespeare workshops in schools for The Manoel Theatre Educational Outreach Programme. Some theatre highlights from his time in London include; Burning Blue; The Hardman; Dirty Dancing; Are You Now or Have You Ever Been….?; Much Ado About Nothing; Twelfth Night; Volcano; Love! Valor! Compassion! And a mad summer doing all of the plays of Agatha Christie in repertory. His TV credits include; The Crown; The Royals; Vicious; Lewis; Dr Who; The Hour; The Bill; Jaws 1916; Primeval; Casualty; Waterloo Road; Silent Witness; Space Race; Doctors; Coronation Street; Footballer’s Wives; Serious & Organised; The Forsyte Saga; Family Affairs; Kavanagh QC; Pilgrim’s Rest; Taggart; Ocean of Fear; Intelligent Design on Trial and Letters From Baghdad. Feature Films include; Zero Dark 30; The Jacket; Reuniting The Rubins; The Big Swap and The Outer Darknesss. He has also worked in radio drama for the BBC, in corporate films, commercials and voice overs.

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Disclaimer: All the necessary precautions to safeguard our artists and crew were taken during the filming of this project. 'Heiligenstadt ... Another World Inside' is produced by Festivals Malta, in collaboration with the Valletta Cultural Agency. The Three Palaces Festival is sponsored by Kinnie, Hertz, MAPFRE MSV Life and the Ministry for National Heritage, The Arts and Local Government.

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