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Ludwig van Beethoven
Coriolan Overture - Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) performs the Coriolan Overture as the Three Palaces Festival celebrates the 250th birth anniversary of Beethoven.



Conductor: Sergey Smbatyan
Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Video Production Three Wise Men Studios
Film Director Jakub Kořínek
Director of Photography Rodney Gauci
Editor Lydin Cristina
Musical Assistant Joel Hána
Lights Ismael Portelli
Sound Engineer Jan Košulič (PARMA Recordings)
Recording Engineer Sergio Costa

Produced for The Three Palaces Festival
Artistic Director: Michelle Castelletti 

Special thanks to the Valletta Cultural Agency, The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Mediterranean Conference Centre

©️ 2020 Festivals Malta.  All rights reserved.

Filmed at:

Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta

Known as the Sacra Infermeria (Holy Infirmary), this building was built as a hospital in the 16th century by the Knights of the Order of St. John.  With its main hall measuring 155 metres in length, the ‘Great Ward’ (as it was known) was considered to be one of the best hospitals in Europe at the time of the Knights Hospitaliers, capable of accommodating around 900 patients.  Throughout its vivid history, this building remained a centre linked to curing of the sick and wounded, including the British military forces in the First World War.

Artistic Director's Note

We end our classical strand with a respectful plaudit towards Ludwig van Beethoven in his 250th anniversary – a collaboration with the national orchestra of Malta, under the baton of the MPO’s principal conductor, Sergey Smbatyan in a performance of Beethoven’s majestic Coriolan Overture Op 62 – a work first premiered at the palace of Prince Franz Joseph von Lobkowitz, in 1807.

Programme Notes

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) performs the Coriolan Overture as the Three Palaces Festival celebrates the 250th birth anniversary of Beethoven.

The works is based on Heinrich Joseph von Collin's 1804 tragedy and seeks to bring out the general moods of the play. The main theme representing Coriolanus’ war fervour is contrasted with a tender motive portraying his mother’s pleadings to desist. Eventually, the Roman general kills himself, after leading an army of former enemies to the city’s gates.

Disclaimer: All the necessary precautions to safeguard our artists and crew were taken during the filming of this project. 'Ludwig van Beethoven Coriolan Overture' is produced by Festivals Malta, in collaboration with the Valletta Cultural Agency, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The Three Palaces Festival is sponsored by Kinnie, Hertz, MAPFRE MSV Life and the Ministry for National Heritage, The Arts and Local Government.

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