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Yonathan Avishai Piano (Applications Closed)

Date: 12/07/2021 | 5.00PM

Duration: 1 hr

Venue: Pjazza Teatru Rjal (Green Room)

Price: Free


In this masterclass Yonathan Avishai will share his experience as an artist and pedagogue and will offer basic tools allowing to find balance in the creative process. Through listening to early jazz styles Yonathan proposes an original and accessible approach for learning and connecting to this tradition.  


One of the most sought-after pianists in the international jazz scene, Yonathan Avishai made refinement his trademark. Elected by “Jazz Magazine” as the “Foreign Musician of the year” for 2019, Yonathan is a true storyteller, giving the impression that he composes silence and sculpts melodies.

In 2019 he released two albums for the prestigious label ECM Records, “Joys and Solitudes” in trio and “Playing the room” with Avishai Cohen, confirming his taste for elegance and an extremely expressive minimalism.

Based in France, pianist Yonathan Avishai is undoubtedly one of the most singular voices of his generation. Whether through a concert, in the theatre or in a workshop, this unique musician, shares his passion for sound, music and its history.

Inspired by artists such as John Lewis, Art ensemble of Chicago and Mark Rothko, between tradition and modernity, Yonathan strives to deepen the dimensions of his music. Packing each note with a dramatic charge. He creates a poetic world rich with emotion and color. His compositions are restrained, subtle and feature great refinement.

Francesco Ciniglio
(Applications Closed)

Date: 13/07/2021 | 5.00PM

Duration: 1 hr

Venue: Pjazza Teatru Rjal (Green Room)

Price: Free


During this masterclass, Francesco Ciniglio will focus on the original flow of drumming through traditional teachings. The masterclass will explain  how to develop a 4 way - single thought onto the drums, through a routine exercise perfected by Ciniglio called the ‘Matrix’. Through this Matrix, and via a reading key, you can investigate  the sound and elasticity derived from the traditional techniques of this instrument.


Francesco Ciniglio is a drummer and composer from Naples, Italy. He has played as sideman to Wynton Marsalis, Sheila Jordan, Aaron Parks, Seamus Blake, Shai Maestro, Joe Sanders, Philip Dizack, Ben Van Gelder, Dayna Stephens, Petros Klampanis and Cyrille Aimée, to mention some. In 2019 he graduated from Juilliard with an Artist Diploma on a full scholarship. As a composer, he produced his first record “Wood” which had been released on Fresh Sound New Talent in 2015.His new record “The LocoMotive Suite”, will be released July 2021 on Whirlwind Recordings. Francesco, now based in Paris, France, also tours around the world.


Insta: @francesco.ciniglio

Fb: Francesco Ciniglio

YouTube: francebatterist5389

Dmitry Baevsky
Alto Sax 
(Applications Closed)

Date: 14/07/2021 | 5.00PM

Duration: 1 hr

Venue: Hotel Phoenicia, Green Lounge

Price: Free


During his masterclass Dmitry will go over the following topics:

  • Building the repertoire: how to correctly learn the standards and jazz originals. 

  • Harmony: the importance of having the right understanding of how harmony works. Ways to approach the learning process.

  • Rhythm and time: different ways on improving one’s time, the importance of hearing the beat, developing a more rhythmic approach and studying great musicians’ unique feelings.

  • Ensemble playing: how to play with the group, not just “by yourself”. Hearing what others do and ways on how to work as a group. 

  • If there are specific saxophone students interested, Dmirty can also speak about the sound, articulation and rhythm, how to efficiently organize one’s practicing time, technique, etc...


The only child of a writer and a translator, Dmitry was born in St Petersburg, Russia. Baevsky started piano lessons at the age of six and discovered his passion and seriousness for music as a teenager when he picked up an alto saxophone. 

In 1991, he entered the Mussorgsky College of Music in St-Petersburg where he studied with the brilliant Russian jazz saxophonist Gennady Goldstein for four years. Throughout the nineties, he appeared in many jazz venues and international festivals throughout Russia.

Upon his arrival in New York at age 19, he was accepted into the Jazz Department at the New School University on a full scholarship. After finishing college, Baevsky remained busy working within the New York jazz community and has performed and/or recorded with musicians such as Benny Green, Peter Washington, Willie Jones III, David Hazeltine, “Killer” Ray Appleton, Peter Bernstein, Cedar Walton, Dennis Irwin, Jeremy Pelt, Steve Williams, Joe Magnarelli, Ryan Kisor…

Lage Lund
(Applications Closed)

Date: 15/07/2021 | 5.00PM

Duration: 1 hr

Venue: Online

Price: Free


For his guitar masterclass Lage will demonstrate how he organises a typical practice session - the different areas he covers during the sessions as well as the exercises he likes to use.


Participants are encouraged to ask questions along the way.


Lage Lund is acclaimed as one of the finest guitarists of his generation, and one of the more compelling jazz artists today. A winner of the “Rising star – Guitar” category in the 2020 Downbeat Critic’s Poll, he has been hailed by Pat Metheny as a favourite young guitarist and is “all music and all soul” according to Russell Malone - one of the judges who awarded Lund top prize in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition. 


Armed with a growing and impressive body of original compositions, and mastery of the standard repertoire - Lund swings with great authority displaying a staggering harmonic sophistication and a singularly fluid voice as a soloist. He also brings a “casually magnetic” presence to the stage, “channelling reticence into a whisper-quiet mystique” and "balances his abundant proficiencies with an aesthetic of gleaming calm" (New York Times). 


He is among those setting the agenda for jazz improvisation in the 21st century. "Of the younger cats, Lage is THE one. He's a wonderful player. Scary actually!" - Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Chiara Pancaldi

Date: 17/07/2021 | 10.00AM

Duration: 1 hr

Venue: Hotel Phoenicia, Club Bar

Price: Free


Just Sing It!


To sing means to relate to the inner part of ourself and to be able to share our deepest feelings and emotion, the art of singing is one of the finest and maybe most ineffable form of art.


During this workshop we will talk about singing with a particular focus on the jazz language. 


We will work on some exercises the can help us to approach melody, phrasing and improvising. We will talk about “being in the moment” and how to master our singing, storytelling, personal expression in order to find our own inner voice and unique sound. 


Since making her international debut in 2015 with her album I WALK A LITTLE FASTER, jazz singer Chiara Pancaldi has showed her ability on interpretation and phrasing along with the jazz standards repertoire, with a “light’s as air sound and beautiful phrasing” (Jazzwise Magazine) that  “never fails to excite or impress” (Jazztime magazine). 


In her latest album PRECIOUS the Italian artist defies all expectation, exploring her songwriting style which includes jazz, folk music and brazilian music influences. The result is a pure and sincere picture of her inner world.


She has worked and performed with many great Italian and american jazz musicians such as Cyrus Chestnut, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth, Darryl Hall, Kirk Lightsey, Eric Alexander, Fabrizio Bosso, Don Menza, Vincent Bourgeyx, Olvier Hutman, Jeremy Pelt, Laurent Maur, Piero Odorici, Roberto Tarenzi, Roberto Pistolesi,  to name a few. 

Applications Closed


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All necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of patrons, cast and crew are being taken. Masks must be worn throughout the entire performance and social distancing must be respected at all times. Temperature will be taken at the entrance and sanitisation stations will be available.