Il-Festival Internazjonali tal-Arti qed jippreżenta sensiela ta’ videos ġodda bil-parteċipazzjoni ta’ diversi artisti. MEWĠA huwa monologu taħt id-direzzjoni u l-kitba ta’ Simone Spiteri interpretrat mill-attur André Mangion.

Video filmed and edited by Sam Chetcuti – Cyberspace



Jonathan ... a normal man. He is so normal that he perfectly blends into a crowd, seemingly unnoticeable. He lives an exemplary live, a normal life, nothing special. But Jonathan has a secret: he can’t swim. And precisely when the entire world has gone into a lockdown, a series of episodes have happened in Jonathan’s life that have drawn him to only one thing, becoming an obsession. He wants to swim. Whatever happens in this normal and anonymous life, Jonathan wants to feel alive for at least a minute. Even if it means drowning while trying. Whatever happens, nothing is going to stop him.

This performance will be in Maltese.

Simone Spiteri Biography

Simone Spiteri trained for her Diploma in Acting at the Malta Drama Centre and obtained her B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. in Theatre Studies from the University of Malta. She set up her own theatre company, Dù, in 2004 in which she performs, directs and writes. Her written and directed work has been performed in Denmark, Egypt, Sicily, Spain and Macedonia, the US and France. She won first prize in the National Francis Ebejer contest for playwriting and is a published author with Merlin Publishers. She is currently the Director of Learning of Studio 18 and a freelance writer and theatre-maker.

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André Mangion Biography

André Mangion is creative writer and performer. In 2012 his script “It-Tfajjel ta’ Fuq il-Bandla” won the very first edition of the Social Theatre Contest. He had his novel, Tattoo, published by Horizons in 2013.  In 2016 he produced his first show; Teatr-ejn. His last scripted work was Raymond “Fight” Beck, which he co-produced with Teatru Malta in 2018. André has performed in a number of local productions including Satira, Three Sunsets, The Great Big Radio Show, Mela Hawn xi Manikomju?, Republikka Immakulata and Rinoċeronti.

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