Oliver Degabriele Trio 
feat. Alison Galea & Oliver Zanot

Jimmy Bartolo - Guitar

Manuel Pulis - Drums

Oliver Degabriele - Bass



Alison Galea - Voice

Olivier Zanot - Alto sax


Having met in one of Malta’s most loved to be hated bands, Brikkuni, Oliver, Manuel and Jimmy set forth to regain some love and accpetance from the general public by forming a trio playing all sorts of jazz, from old school swing to nostalgic bossas to more contemporary spirited songs, all rearranged in a way that makes you wonder why mess with a good thing, yet at the same time why not?


Hailed as the Haley’s comet of jazz projects, this trio reforms every odd number of years for very specific reasons (first was a gig in Gozo, second were some comeback shows in the slightly larger island of Malta, and third was an epic concert opening the 2016 edition of the Malta’s Jazz Festival). They have since been hibernating and looking out for omens which all pointed to a comeback in 2020, despite everything else being cancelled.


The trio have chosen to team up with Alison Galea, godmother of indie music and frontwoman for 2 of Malta’s legendary bands (Beangrowers, Etnika) and Olivier Zanot, French alto saxophone player extraordinaire. Together they will traverse a century of jazz with a genre-busting repertoire of old and new standards.


18 July 2020

Freedom Square

(Parliament Steps)



No Intervals