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Festivals Malta Launches Carnival 2020

The Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government José Herrera, has just announced the programme of events for Carnival 2020, taking place between the 21st and 25th February 2020 through Festivals Malta. The 2020 edition of Carnival will once again showcase the spectacular floats, grotesque masks, elaborate costumes and competitive dance across various categories.

Hon. Minister Herrera stated that Carnival is an annual event that brings people together in an artistic celebration. "I am impressed by the level Carnival in Malta is achieving year after year. As I have strived to give Carnival a better platform during the last few years, I am now even more committed to keep bettering the level in the years to come."

Minister Herrera noted how the carnival celebrations go beyond the walls of Valletta and are widespread in several other towns and cities in our country. He argued that in order to continue improving the level of Carnival of Malta, we need to continuously give heed to the Carnival enthusiasts. Therefore, he pledged the government's commitment to see the Carnival Village project through completion and to address other important aspects, so that this celebration of creativity continues to be supported.

“Creativity and expression have always been the focal point of carnival festivities. To further encourage creativity and participation, this year we have collaborated with the Department of Digital Arts at the University of Malta, for the creation of the official Carnival 2020 poster. This initiative, which was part of the students ’curriculum, follows an exercise we did for the Summer Carnival, offering students an opportunity to showcase their work, while exposing them to industry practice through this experience,” highlighted Ms Annabelle Stivala, Director of Festivals Malta.

Speaking on behalf of the department, Mr Clayton Saliba explained that the concept presented by the students is the result of months of research, discussions and group work that is clearly visible in the level of detail and in the layers of messaging the artwork conveys. “The concept draws inspiration from the historical facts tied to Carnival origins as represented by Grand Master Lascaris, the ties to Valletta embodied in Grand Master De Vallette, and other symbols related to Carnival such as the ‘King ’playing card, which builds on the ties of the King Carnival, which is so synonymous with this annual event,” adds Saliba.

Jason Busuttil, Carnival Artistic Director, emphasised how satisfied he always feels whenever he visits the Carnival warehouses, while the participants are carrying out the final touches on their floats; “the level of creativity and the incredible talent demonstrated in these creations amazes me every time, as the participants keep raising the bar year after year. This encourages us to invest further in this celebration, which has now become one of the largest festivals in Malta.”

Busuttil explained that another successful initiative this year is certainly the collaboration with Eric Leone, a young local illustrator who gave new life to the sketches submitted by participants with their applications.

Valletta Cultural Agency Chairperson Jason Micallef, said that;“ I am glad that we will once again be part of Malta’s Carnival celebrations, this time as the Valletta Cultural Agency. Planned for this year is a unique event by Tenishia, one of Malta’s top DJs, which will surely be enjoyed by all those who visit Valletta during this colourful and much-awaited time of year. This activity which will be live streamed on social media, brings events such as this one closer to the public.”

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