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09 . 10 . JUNE . 2023




Formerly known as Għanafest, Ritmu takes place during the 2nd weekend of June at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, in Valletta.  Ritmu, organised by Festivals Malta, features all the trimmings of a Mediterranean folk festival. Local ‘għannejja’ – Malta’s unique folk musicians – share the main stage with contemporary local bands and international artists. In intimate settings around the venue, literature, artisanal craftwork and local cuisine take life and echo with the rhythms of culture on the Maltese islands. A colourful fusion of contemporary and traditional musical styles, Ritmu stirs up revelry while inviting a creative dialogue between the past, present and future. By bringing local and international cultures together in this artistic and alternative environment, Ritmu will give patrons a taste of Mediterranean culture that is not to be missed.

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