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2nd June 2023 | 7:30pm

Ritmu fil-Komunità - Għana Għand Tal-Iżgej

Performance, Għana, Traditional


9th-10th June 2023 | 6pm - 11pm

Kantuniera Mużika Maltija

Music, History, Stall

9th-10th June 2023 | 6pm - 11pm


Sustainable, Archival, Stall

9th June 2023 | 7pm

Wiċċ imb Wiċċ

mal-Għannej / Meet the Għannej

Performance, Għana, Talk

9th June 2023 | 8pm

Għana Lab Guitars

Performance, Għana, Contemporary

9th June 2023 | 8:30pm

Eduardo Trassierra Duo

Performance, Flamenco, Percussion

9th June 2023 | 9:45pm

Tchavolo Schmitt

Performance, Gypsy-Jazz, Guitar

10 June 2023 | 6pm & 7pm 

Making Our Collective Memory Physical

Children, Adults, Workshop

10th June 2023 | 7:30pm

A Viola Amarantina Guitar with Rui Fernandes

Performance, Viola Amarantina, Portugal

10th June 2023 | 8:30pm

Għana Lab Voice

Performance, Għana, Contemporary

10th June 2023 | 8:45pm

Ana Margarida

Performance, Fado, Portugal 

10th June 2023 | 9:45pm

La Mal Coifée

Performance, World Music, France


4th-10th June 2023 | 10am - 8pm

Bil-Mixi Ġejt: The Life and Times of Il-Bambinu

Exhibition, Għana, Local

4th-10th June 2023 | 10am - 8pm

Ethnographic Documentary - O Għana Minn Hawn Għal Fejn?

Documentary, Għana, Maltese Language

7th June 2023 | 8:30pm

Ħlewwa Ta' Kitarrini

Flamenco, Għana, Fusion



This year, Ritmu is going back to its roots. Between the 2nd and the 10th of June 2023, Ritmu Roots Festival is back. The programme, curated by artistic director Andrew Alamango, features the musical stylings of instrumentalists from around the Mediterranean, traditional Maltese folk music interwoven into contemporary sound, workshops for children and more. Audiences are also invited to experience traditional Maltese Għana music in its natural setting and get a taste of the genre’s history through an exhibition dedicated to Maltese Għannej (Maltese folk singer) Mikiel “Il-Bambinu” Abela.


57, Minżel E.Attard Bezzina, Żejtun

Għana Għand tal-Iżgej

2 June 2023 | 8pm

Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

Bil-Mixi Ġejt - The Life and Times of Il- Bambinu

4 June 2023 | 7pm

Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

Lejla ta’ Fatti / An Evening of Ballads

4 June 2023 | 8:30pm - 10pm

The Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

Ethnographic Documentary: O Għana, Minn hawn għal fejn? 

6 June 2023 | 8:30pm

Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

Ħlewwa Ta’ Kitarrini

7 June 2023 | 8:30pm

Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

Workshop with Eduardo Trassierra

9 June 2023 | 12pm

Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana

Ritmu - Day 1

9 June 2023 | 6pm

Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

Tchavolo Schmitt on Manouche Guitar

10 June 2023 | 10:30am

Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta

La Mal Coiffée (France)  - Occitane Polyphonic Chant Workshop 

10 June 2023 | 12:30pm

Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana

Ritmu - Day 2

10 June 2023 | 6pm


Welcome to Ritmu Roots Festival 2023! 


With this year's edition dedicated to the late għannej and troubadour Mikiel Abela ‘Il-Bambinu’, this week-long festival is a platform for traditional performing-arts which aims to inspire and connect people.


We believe that tradition is not just something to be preserved, but something to be engaged with.


Ritmu 2023 includes a strong awareness programme proposing activities which are aimed at informing new audiences and introducing new generations to the vocal-tradition, għana. 


Ritmu 2023 includes an għana session in Żejtun, an exhibition on Strait Street in Valletta and the main stage in Argotti Gardens, Floriana. As you explore the festival grounds, we invite you to participate in workshops, watch performances, and try new foods that reflect the diverse traditions of our region. 


By taking part in the many activities we have planned, we hope that you will gain a deeper appreciation of your own heritage and that of others. By participating, we acknowledge its practitioners who renew tradition and guarantee its performance in the future.


Finally, I would like to express gratitude to our sponsors, volunteers and staff who have worked tirelessly to make this festival possible. 

Photo by Maria Grech during Ilħna Mitlufa (2018) for Teatru Malta



Festivals Malta is continuing on its mission to present festivals that nourish an appreciation for Maltese cultural heritage by presenting Ritmu Roots Festival Malta. Now in its second year, this festival is an opportunity for locals, expats and visitors alike to experience the richness of Maltese culture within the context of other sonic cultures.


Happening this June, Ritmu Roots Festival will be taking on a completely new structure. Presenting an eclectic programme of events ranging from exhibitions, workshops, stalls and performances from internationally renowned performers such as Tchavolo Schmitt and La Mal Coifée alongside local musicians hailing from both a background of għana (Malta’s traditional folk music) and contemporary styles, this year’s Ritmu which will be happening from the 2-10 June 2023, promises to be a festival that allows audience members to experience Malta’s heritage hands-on.


Through the artistic direction of the festival’s new Artistic Director  Andrew Alamango, who has both performed għana and actively researched the genre amongst others, Festivals Malta will continue to show its commitment towards keeping this tradition alive. I am confident that through the incredible programme that has been created for this year’s edition, everyone and anyone will be able to engage with what our musical heritage has to offer alongside other traditional music.



9 & 10 June 2023

Get your block ticket for day 1 & 2.

10 June 2023

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9 June 2023

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