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Vincent Bourgeyx
Piano Masterclass

This Masterclass by Vincent Bourgeyx will provide a step-by-step, beginning to advanced, workshop on common topics such as : improvisation, ensemble playing, practice techniques, the creative process, and ways to improve performance, discussion and demonstration of several concepts:


Dividing the octave, voice leading and counterpoint, transcribing, creating your own exercices, creating a jazz vocabulary, the role of the piano in a rhythm section, voicing and comping.

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Vincent Bourgeyx was born in Bordeaux and began studying the piano when he was 7. After studying musicology at Bordeaux university, he went to Berklee college of music In Boston for four years. He formed his own  trio with whom he played on a regular basis in the states and in japan. Vincent Bourgeyx became the first student to win the Billboard magazine prize, which enabled him to complete his studies on a full scholarship.


After graduating from the College in 1997 he moved to New York where he became an active member of the New York music scene. While in the United States, Vincent worked or recorded with several musicians such as Rave Coltrane, Mark Turner, Billy Pierce, Graig Handy, Donald Harrison, Eric Alexander, Myron Walden, Jimmy Green, Richie Cole, Greg Tardy, Grant Stewart, Mark Strickland, Bobby Durham, Ralph Peterson, Antonio Sanchez, Air Hoeing, Matt Wilson, Nasheet Waits, Tom Rainy, Ali Jackson, Tommy Campbell, Bob Moses, Jane Monheit, Claudia Lacuna, Jay Clayton, Elisabeth Kontomanou, Chuck Mangione, Julian Priestess, Joe Lock, Jeremy Pelt, Avishai Cohen, Al Grey, Cameron Brown, Mark Dresser, Bobby Previte, Jane Ira Bloom, Bill Motley, Deborah Brown, Jacques Schwartz-Bart, Rick Margitza… with whom he participated in concerts and tours in numerous clubs and festivals : sweet basil, the blue note, smalls, and the jazz standard In New York, and the jazz Festivals in Monterey, Montreux, the phoenix jazz festival in Japan, the free jazz festival in Brazil, Etc.


Vincent Bourgeyx also taught the piano at the Koyo Conservatory in Kobe in Japan, and participated in Master Classes at the Berklee College of music with Jane Ira Bloom, and at the international association of jazz educators in 1998 and 2001. Vincent Bourgeyx has recorded several albums as sideman with various american, european and japanese labels. Since returning to his native land he has already performed with leading French musicians like Sylvain Beuf, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Karl Jannuska, Pierre Boussaguet, Peter King, Pierrick Pedron, John Betch, Olivier Ker Ourio, Méderic Colignon, Sara Lazarus, David Elmalek and won a soloist prize at the jazz competition of La défense in 2003.

He has also composed film music, notably that of the 1939 silent movie Blackmail, by Alfred Hitchcock.

His last album as a leader with Matt Penman and Obed Calvaire is out now on the Freschsounds records label.


17 July 2020

Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta

(Green Room)



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