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(artri)kolazzjonijiet brings together the spaces that the different artists had previously occupied thus filling up the empty corners of a unified space that started off as a blank. The idea of tabula rasa has come into play and the performers worked in collaboration, inscribing themselves into this blank slate.

What at first was abstract became tangible and concrete, and it will allow the audience to participate in the reading of the translation that occurs between the inner self and the product. The space they created between them is not absolute or final — within it, there exist lacunae for the interpretation and the input of the audience. There are spaces left open for thought; the idea of multiplying spaces was an important aspect of the process and product. Through the interpretation of each other’s processes and creations, (arti)kolazzjonijiet reflects the true nature of artists as unconscious collaborators and feeders of each other’s work. The spaces created have led to the choice of movements, words and music chosen in a unified final piece.

The dynamics of the articulations produced have echoed in between the fleshed walls of oneself and the fleshed walls of the other. We are made of spaces. We occupy spaces. We make spaces. We are spaces.

The audience, in turn, will be invited to depart from the space, multiplying it all over again.


Johane Casabene

Terms & Conditions
28 July 2022
Valletta Campus Theatre, Valletta
6:20 pm
€12 - €15
Audience Level

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