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Dance Festival Malta Day 2A

Dance Festival Malta Day 2A

Dance Festival Malta 2023


SYNOPSIS: When you reflect, don’t do it in the mirror.

For someone having gender dysphoria, looking into a mirror must represent the ultimate 24/7 disillusion resulting in depression, desperation, and disarray. Society’s view of gender is very dichotic, it becomes difficult for most people to accept gender-variant individuals. Many individuals still associate gender with one’s genetic, or chromosomal, sex. Because of this, many transgendered people are misunderstood and stigmatised. And the struggle is not only within but also a struggle with society’s prejudice.

The best outcomes for those with gender dysphoria are associated with early diagnosis, a supportive environment, and comprehensive treatment that respects the wishes and desires of the individual – and the individual’s most comforting beliefs in accepting oneself and learning to love the inner person unconditionally. 

The mirror must reflect the inner person for only through true reflection can the individual find peace and love in life.

Choreography by:

Felix Busuttil in collaboration with dancers

Music: Loscil, Suburra Soundtrack by Endless Falls

The Revenant Main Title by Ryuichi SakamotoNight Run by Rene AubryCredits:

Sascha Bonello, Set Design

Light Design: Felix Busuttil

Photography: Janice Mifsud, Joseph Agius Attard


The YADA Dance Company is a thriving source of creativity surviving almost 40 years of successful existence. Established by its founder and mentor Felix Busuttil in 1984, YADA has produced some of Malta’s best dance productions over the past years and through its agenda and passion changed the face of local choreographic art and dance performance forwarding the enjoyment of dance participation to the masses. Felix BusuttilThe YADA Dance Company



Felix Busuttil was born in Gozo –He started dancing professionally at the age of 17 with The Alison White Dance School and later at The Tanya Bayona Poutiati Ballet School. He later travelled to London having been awarded a scholarship at The London Studio Centre training and obtaining a Diploma in Performing Arts training in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Jazz Dance

The YADA DC has performed in 4 continents and 22 countries. In 10 years it has performed twice in the presence of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and in front of 154 Head of State. One of YADA’s largest milestones was reached when the company premiered a show at The Theatre of Fine Arts in San Francisco, being the first Maltese dance company to perform in the United States of America. 

Rosario Raineri

Rosario was born and bred in Catania, Sicily, and started dancing at a very young age. His love for dancing led him to train in top Catanese dance schools and compete internationally with great success.

At the age of 16, he became part of the YADA Dance Company allowing him to perform in many various countries including The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California, USA. After his American experience, he remained in Malta and rolled in training and teaching at The College and within the YADA training grounds. He performed in numerous prestigious performances including at the CHOGM Summit Opening Ceremony in the presence of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and 52 other Head of State in 2015. Rosario was chosen to participate and perform in the first edition of Dance Festival Malta in July 2022.

Chiara Dimech

Chiara began her dance training at the tender age of 4, with a keen interest in Modern Jazz and classical ballet training. By the age of 8, she branched out to gymnastics and commercial-style dance training however quickly found her artistic style in modern jazz and lyrical dance.

Chiara has been a dedicated student at the College of Dance for 15 years, and since the age of 16, she has worked her way up to an Honorary Member within the Yada Dance Company under the direction of Felix Busuttil. 

Chiara’s versatile dance training has granted her the opportunity to perform in numerous local productions; ranging from performing to intimate audiences at private events to nationwide audiences televised all over Malta, such as the 2022 Malta Film Awards. 

Chiara has also recently expanded her dance resume to theatre productions and was a key ensemble dancer in the well-regarded local production of ‘Caravaggio - The Musical in 2022.

Jamie Caruana

Jamie Caruana started dancing at the tender age of 4, studying Classical Ballet in the Cecchetti method, and then branched out into Jazz Fusion and Lyrical at the age of 13 years old. She has been a YADA Dance Company member since she was 15 years old, participating in various productions both televised and theatre including Michael Jackson Forever, Divas, La Traviata, and for HRH Queen Elizabeth II at the CHOGM Summit Opening Ceremony amongst others. She also had the opportunity to participate in productions abroad; namely in Italy, Cyprus, and Brussels. 

Jamie also started teaching Jazz Fusion for The College of Dance, YADA’s training grounds - she also has achieved a diploma from the London College of Music in Piano Forte.


The inner most fragile state of transformation from self-less to self-worth. Transcending beyond the natural whilst embedding rage, conflict, and an internal realisation of the ‘more’. This is propelled with the desire to strive beyond the boundary of now.

Choreographer: Marisha Bonnici

Dancer: Lea Ellul SullivanMusic: Rene Aubry


The Artistic Director of Seed Dance Studios, Marisha Bonnici, is a graduate of the University of Malta with a Master's degree in Performance Studies (Dance). She is a full-time teacher and practitioner in Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance, and Spanish Dance. A recipient of a number of teacher and dancer scholarships, Marisha now focuses on working with students who are looking to pursue dance for enjoyment or further study. A fellow of the Cecchetti Society, an affiliated teacher with American Ballet Theatre, and an affiliate teacher of the Royal Ballet School training and assessment program. Her passion for education and dance is the driving force for her to continue to pursue her teaching and role as a mentor for many students. Her involvement in the setting up of the Dance branch within the MVPA enabled her to see at first hand the possible parallel lines between Malta’s academic structure and the nurturing of dance students. Lea Ellul Sullivan - Lea developed a passion for ballet from a very young age. Encouraged by her teacher Marisha Bonnici of Seed Dance Studio she has accumulated a wealth of experiences overseas at some of the most prestigious Ballet Schools, including the Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School, Paris Opera Ballet Schools, and American ballet Theatre amongst others. Lea has also participated in several competitions including the acclaimed Youth America Grand Prix reaching the finals three times and winning various awards and scholarships. Lea is determined to continue developing her dance skills and dreams of one day attending one of these prestigious schools as a full-time student.


Are you thinking on purpose or is your subconscious calling the shots? Just know you’re making a choice.  It’s the difference between being in the driver’s seat vs passenger seat, inspired action vs resistance, determined vs defeatist, hopeful vs resigned, change vs stagnation, the life you want vs the life you have.  The meaning of life is to give life meaning. 

What are the patterns that we enter, day in, day out, do we question the decisions that we take, do we decide which path to take in our life or do we go through life on autopilot? At which point do we decide to take control of the life we would like to have? 

Music: John Adams

Choreographer: Pamela Kerr


PKProjects was founded by Pamela Kerr who is an independent dance artist delving into creating choreographic work and collaborations with various performing art  disciplines  and artists. PK projects has collaborated with various dance artists and companies both locally and internationally. The work has been presented in Malta, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, and most recently Dubai. PK Projects has featured at many platforms including Notte Bianca, Jum Dun Karm, the fringe festival of The Malta International Arts Festival, ZiguZajg, The Malta International Arts Festival, Toi Toi, the Educational program of Teatru Manoel, and other commissions. In 2018 TAG,   was co-directed and choreographed together with Greek international dance artist Kostas Papamatthaiakis which was nominated for Best Performance for young audiences.

Pamela Kerr is an independent dance artist who mainly works on choreography and rehearsal direction. She began her training at the Tanya Bayona Academy and after spending some time studying at London Studio Centre she resumed her training locally at The Dance Workshop under the direction of Theresa Lungaro Mifsud. She has worked with various dance artists and companies both locally and internationally and her work has been presented in Malta, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, and most recently Dubai. Locally her work has featured during Notte Bianca, Jum Dun Karm, the fringe festival of The Malta International Arts Festival, ZiguZajg, The Malta International Arts Festival, Toi Toi, the Educational programme of Teatru Manoel, and others. She has attended various workshops and master classes with the likes of Random Dance Company, Roberto Olivan, Christopher Tandy, Samuel Guist, Ultima Vez, Hofesh Schechter, and many others. In 2018 TAG, a performance she co-directed and choreographed together with Kostas Papamatthaiakis was nominated for Best Performance for young audiences.

Among You

Discover the dazzling world of "Among You," where hope, harmony, and heart converge in a rare and radiant display of scarcity. Witness the triumph of resilience and resourcefulness over the challenges of rejection. Immerse yourself in the mesmerising movements that transport you to a world of wonder and warmth, where burdens are banished and barriers are broken. "Hope is always within reach."

Music: Joel Gilardini

Choreographer: Luke Bugeja Gauci


Luke is proactive, innovative, and ambitious. This makes Luke interested in various subjects, which mostly focus on contemporary dance. Luke is a graduate of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), and he had his internship with JV2 (Jasmin Vardimon). Bugeja Gauci had the privilege to work with various choreographers, such as

Jasmin Vardimon, Ihsan Rustem, Antonin Rioche, Bryan Arias, and Dunja Jocic, among others. Throughout his career, Luke has performed in various countries, such as the UK, Germany, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, and Holland. Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

28 July 2023
Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta
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Suitable for All
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Dance Festival Malta 2023

Dance Festival Malta Day 2A

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