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Dance Festival Malta Day 3

Dance Festival Malta Day 3

Dance Festival Malta 2024

Mehdi Dahkan (Morocco) MA'KAN

This performance is going to occur at Freedom Square at, 6pm. This performance is free.

Makan is a choreographic research on the human reaction to limitations, whether physical or not, imposed or chosen. The changes the body goes through when feeling trapped: Tension to relaxation, firmness to softness. But also the variations of states, mood changes, and their intensities. This solo takes place in a restricted space: 4m2, that is to say for a dance, 8m3. The performer uses the immensity of the body to challenge the limits of space, choosing silence as the musical representation of intimacy.

Choreography & Perfomer: Mehdi Dahkan The company Jil Z was founded in Tangier, Morocco in 2019 by Mehdi Dahkan. Its objective is to promote artistic culture and choreographic creation with as primary inspiration the social issues of Maghrebi youth. It then questions the body and its politics by integrating urban and contemporary practices, bringing the street to the stage, and the stage to the street. The Cie Jil Z was created to respond to the lack of choreographic and performing arts initiatives in the northern region of Morocco. Its primary aim is to offer more opportunities to the new generation. Since its creation, the company has worked exclusively with young dancers aged between 17 and 25.

  In collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv.

Dance On - Intergenerational Dance Project

This performance is going to occur at Manoel Theatre, starting 7:30pm.


All ages matter

Intergenerational practice aims to bring people together in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities that promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contribute to building more cohesive communities. Intergenerational practice is inclusive, building on the positive resources that the young and old have to offer each other and those around them.


Mireille Coleiro Claire Cassola Jes Sciberras Mary Jane Bellia Douglas Comley Giselle Calleja Karina Spiteri Yasmine Nuvoli Erika Gialanze Mario Grech Daron Galea Rowena Grech Sarah Bianchi AnneMarie Bisazza Alexander Spiteri Caroline Busutill Tanya Bayona

Daphne Lungaro-Mifsud

Pippa Roberts

Monique Pellegrini Petit

Deborah Zammit Borg

Mandy Pellicano

Nicola Fenech Nicola Critien

Melanie Xerri de Caro

Fiona Mckeown

Brigitte Gauci Borda

Joanna Vella Rummolino Alison White Liz Beth White Debbie Borg Claudine Zerafa Maria Louise Gingell Johane Casabene Emiliana Bonello

Moveo Dance Company (Malta) The Other Door

This performance aims to challenge societal norms and explore alternative possibilities. It delves into the idea that the body, stripped of its socially constructed layers, can reveal deeper, more authentic truths that go beyond what is "acceptable". It highlights the ambiguity of the human experience, touching on concepts of gender and culture. By creating a pseudo-society within the performance, ambiguity is experienced both personally and in contrast to others. Throughout the production, the body is seen as an ever-evolving entity, constantly exposing new facets of identity. By stepping through "The Other Door," the audience is invited to experiment with their own identity and embrace a space where they can truly be themselves. In the context of intimacy and vulnerability, this exploration of the body and identity can also extend to the act of kissing. Kissing, beyond its sexual connotations, can be seen as an intimate gesture that transcends societal constructs. It allows individuals to connect on a deeper level, expressing vulnerability and authentic emotions. In the performance, kissing could be portrayed as a powerful symbol of breaking free from societal expectations and embracing one's true self. It becomes a moment of genuine connection, where individuals express their identities and desires without judgement or constraints, further emphasising the exploration of intimacy and vulnerability within the piece. Choreography: Dorian Mallia Dancers: Dorian Mallia, Diane Portelli, Charlotte Carpentier, Gabriele Farinacci. Under study:  Cindelle Bouard, Irene Nocella, Victor Hermundstad

Music: Albert Garzia Founded in 2008 by Artistic Director and Choreographer Dorian Mallia, Moveo has become a cornerstone of Malta's dance scene, with a legacy now co-directed by Diane Portelli, the resident choreographer. The company, housing a diverse ensemble of local and international dancers, prioritizes the development of robust technical foundations. Moveo's commitment to contemporary dance is evident in its consistent delivery of compelling performances, earning acclaim from prestigious venues and festivals. Embracing interdisciplinary collaborations, the company's creative process involves active participation from its dancers, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving artistic expression.

Under the joint leadership of Mallia and Portelli, Moveo received the prestigious Premju Ghall-Arti award in 2018, acknowledging them as Artists of the Year. Their dedication to artistic excellence was further recognized with the "Best Creative Enterprise Award" in 2020. In 2021, "Diversely Typical" secured the "Best Production" award at the STEM Awards. In 2023, "From Malta with Love" received a "Special Mention Award" from the Audience Jury at Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro, and Moveo won both the Best Creative Enterprise Award and the Best Dance Production of the Year for "Frida - My Two Accidents."


Maciej Kužmiński Company (Poland) Resistance Movement / Рух Oпору

This performance contains partial nudity.

In Resistance Movement, Maciej Kuźmiński works closely with a refugee dancer from Ukraine Daria Koval, documenting her experience of war in voice and movement. “For me this work is very important, because I wanted to tell about the war from my own perspective and share my personal story”, says Daria Koval. Her intention coincided with the one of Maciej Kuzminski, who felt that he should make “a direct statement from a concrete person, because war is not virtual, but affects real individuals”. Choreography: Maciej Kužmiński in collaboration with Daria Koval Performer: Daria Koval Dramaturgy, lighting design: Maciej Kuźmiński Costume design, testimony and voice testimony: Daria Koval

Music: "Europe, After the Rain", Max Richter,

Remixed and edited: Maciej Kuźmiński

Sharon Fridman Company (Israel) 

Go Figure

The body can express its truth when it sets up a distinct language, its own. The body becomes a map of possibilities out of its diversity when it breathes and moves its inequality in relation to other bodies. But in these unequal relations it finds itself truly free. Go Figure is above all a space of diversity where Shmuel can examine how his body operates, evaluate what activates and what defines his movement, and turn it to a bridge that leads to a meeting point with the other. To this call Tomer responds, accepting Shmuel’s invitation for dialogue, crossing the bridge. During the search for a balance point that will emerge from the limitations – which obstruct but also reveal the capabilities of both, a beauty is created, which wants to be no other than itself. A beauty rising from the desire to support without blurring, from the common ambition to be one territory of truth.

Management and Artistic assistant

Tamar Mayzlish


Shmuel Dvir Cohen, Tomer Navot


Noam Helfer

Light Design 

Yaron Abulafia

Costume Design

Miki Avni

Sharon Fridman  Sharon Fridman grew up in Pardes Hanna, Israel, and started dancing when he was six years old with the Israeli dance folklore group Hora Pardes Hanna with the choreographer Dado Kraus. Ten years later, he began to volunteer at llanit, the mental health hospital. The work group helped patients through body movement therapy. In 1995, Sharon began to study contemporary dance and, at the same time, began to dance with the Yehonatan Carmon Company at the TeI Aviv Opera House. TIn 2000, with the support of the Pardes Hanna Town Hall, Sharon created the Fraza dance group, whose objective was to make contemporary dance known locally. to the Suzzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, Sharon began to dance for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company that same year and, later on, for the Vertigo Dance Company, where he discovered a new body language Contact Improvisation. Sharon took part in the creative process in the Vertigo Dance Company with The birth of the Phoenix, as a contemporary dancer, working with different independent choreographers such as Ronit Ziv, Emanuel Gat and Yossi Yungman, among others. In 2003, he began to work as an artistic coordinator and choreographer touring South America and Europe with the Mayumana Company.  Arriving in Madrid in 2006, where he is currently based and resumed his personal project: the Sharon Fridman Company

Supported by FINARO & HSBC

William Cardoso Company (Luxembourg) Raum

This performance contains partial nudity.

Raum is a place of encounter with our demons, our fears and our forgiveness. It is a place of confrontation and a search for inner balance in order to grow in harmony. This performance seeks to accept the darkness that sometimes dominates us, and to soften it by creating a space without judgement and fear. Raum is a space for liberation and speaking out, it is a scream that we have held inside us for too long. Choreography William Cardoso Performers William Cardoso & Cheyenne Vallejo

Music Guilaume Jullien

The company opened in 2020, after William Cardoso was selected ‘new creator’ in the Luxembourgish dance field. This grant helped him to create his first work called Raum. The work premiered in 2021. The same year, William received a grant from FOCUNA to create his second work in Uferstudios in Berlin, a solo called Dear mum. In this work, the choreographer talks openly about his coming out inside of a religious family. 


In 2023, William created his last work called Baby. This piece was supported by TROIS C-L (LU), The Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture(LU), CND de Lyon (FR), Réseau Grand Luxe, O espaço do tempo (PT), Kinneksbond (LU), Karukera Ballet, Dispositif Récif in Guadeloupe (FR) and the Escher Theater (LU). A duet for two women that questions the way we inhabit a body whose inner voice is sometimes too dominant? This work is a struggle between our inner voice and the person we are within society.  The work focuses also on violence, a term that dominates the media, video games, films and, above all, our minds and the world. 


William received a new grant called Bourse Expedition that enables him to create his new work over the years 2024/2025.

Supported by Arts Council Luxembourg

Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros (Portugal)


This performance contains partial nudity.

(the) Body. The being with no soul. (the) Conscience. The presupposed soul of the being. (the) Being. The one who, imprisoned, understands her little world and accepts the vastness beyond the currents that assure her existence.

CORRENTE follows the formation of a unified being by thinking about the role of choice in a society where living implies the duality of body-conscience. Exploring this connection, translated into plastic and vital movement, emerges a duet that aims to sensitise to the unity of existence.

Choreography/Performers: Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros

Music: Original composition by Pedro Barreiros  Costume Design: Sara Leme

Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros are two dancers/creators developing choreographic work together. Beatriz began her career in 2019 as a freelancer and Tiago danced in Introdans from 2016 to 2019. They met in 2020 as both were part of CPBC’s cast from 2020 to 2023. Their partnership unfolded through the creation of CORRENTE, premièred at Lugar Futuro Festival 2021. In 2022 this duet was selected for RIDCC and received the Het Nationale Ballet’s Partner Award, an invitation to choreograph a new piece for the dancers of the Junior Company - Out in the Heartland, premièred at Holland Dance Festival 2024. Further exploring their work in a duet format, they premièred café. at Blois Danse Festival 2023. In the same year, after participating at 10 Sentidos Festival, they’ve been invited by Studio Pro Arte to create a new work - the horMoans - premièred at Spring Dance Days 2024 in Freiburg, under the EFFEA program and supported partnership with 10 Sentidos Festival and Dance Festival Malta. This is a project supported by the European Festivals Association (EFA).


DATES: 25-28 JULY 2024


Author and scholar Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel has taught extensively over the past twenty years on research in dance, approaches for writing dance and performance histories, as well as pedagogy in choreography and ballet. Her books include Princess Poutiatine and the Art of Ballet in Malta (2020) The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet (with Jill Nunes Jensen, 2021), and a new anthology on ballet pedagogy (with Adesola Akinleye). She has also published chapters, essays, and articles on ballet, pedagogy, and choreographic/performance studies, and has authored three webinar series: ‘Pioneers of the Royal Academy of Dance’ (2020), ‘Ballet in the 20th Century’ (2021-22) and ‘Ballet in the 21st Century’ (2022-23). As Head of Research at the Royal Academy of Dance (London), she has curated the Guest Lecture Series. With a global reach, Kathrina has organised conferences in Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Sponsored by APS Bank & Finaro

27 July 2024
Manoel Theatre
100 minutes
€20 - €25
Audience Level
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Dance Festival Malta 2024

Dance Festival Malta Day 3

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