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Dance Festival Malta Day 4

Dance Festival Malta Day 4

Dance Festival Malta 2023

Frantics Dance Company (Germany)

Last Space

This work plunges directly into the actors' deepest histories amidst constant events. Thoughts collapse and freeze, stretch and accelerate, are destroyed and rebuilt. The viewer witnesses the performers' stories unfold and merge with a unique, energetic, and delicate physicality. Last Space" is a journey into Frantics* unconscious.

Choreographer: Frantics Dance Company

Dancers: Diego De La Rosa, Juan Tirado, Marco Di Nardo and Carlos Aller

Music: Mixed artists

Supported by The Geothe Institute 


Frantics, the Berlin-based dance-theatre company founded in 2013, has gained international acclaim for its unique approach to creative expression. The four co-artistic directors, Carlos Aller, Marco di Nardo, Diego de la Rosa, and Juan Tirado, combine different dance and movement disciplines, from urban to contemporary, and integrate textual and physical theatre with literature to philosophical essays.


Diego de la Rosa is a Boy who discovered the dance style in 2004. He has travelled all over Europe, competing and participating in events. In addition to his artistic endeavours, Diego has worked on various projects since 2014, including performances with Theater Strahl, Hungry Sharks, Theater Bonn, Theater Bremen, and Theater Kassel. He has collaborated with renowned choreographers such as Samir Akika, Helder Seabra, Adrienn H6d Hodworks, Laura Scozzi, JDot Tight Eyez, Nadine Gerspa-Cher, Lorea Renour, and Johannes Wieland. Diego has gained extensive experience teaching and conducting professional dance training and has developed his dance technique named "Exploring Possibilities," which he teaches in workshops across Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Originally from Jan, Spain, this dancer's training is strongly influenced by breakdance, martial arts, and computer science. He was a guest dancer for Johannes Wieland at Staatstheater Kassel from 2014 to 2019 and worked with Maxine Doyle, Sita Ostheimer, and Helder Seabra during this time. In 2016, he co-created a piece with Diego de la Rosa and Young-Won Song that won the Residenzpreis at the 31st Hanover Choreographic Festival.  In 2018, he joined the Staatsoper Berlin as a guest dancer and participated in the P9 project, which involved creating an inclusive piece with children with special needs in 2019. He has also choreographed "The Design" for DAF (Faculty of Dance Arts) postgraduate students in Rome. He is a guest lecturer at various institutions, including the Tainan University of Technology, National Taiwan University of the Arts, Dock 11, TanzRaumBerlin, B12 (Berlin), Hellerau, Studio Pro Arte, Marameo Berlin, Staatstheater Pforzheim, and Staatstheater Kassel.


Marco was born in Naples (IT), where he started his career as a dancer in 2003, dancing in the b-boying scene of Naples, winning many national and international awards with DBR Crew. He has worked with: Panorama Dance Theather (CH), Southpaw Dance Co (UK), and Theather Sthral Berlin (DE). Currently, as a dancer and choreographic assistant at WangRamirez and as a choreographic assistant at Staatstheather Braunschweig. He has directed and choreographed at TANZWERK101- HF ZUB Zurich, Fontys School of Fine and Performing ArtsArts, Tilburg, Oliva Contemporary Dance Project, Verona, and has worked as a guest teacher at Opera Bastille Paris, CCN BalletPreljocaj, Staats-theatre Kassel, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne, A_Space Dance Studio Taipei, Opera de Ballet De Toulouse, School of Performing Arts Malta, DAF Faculty of Dance Arts Roma, Northern School of Contemporary Dance.


Carlos originally from Spain discovered his passion for dance through breakdancing in his hometown in 2005. He participated in competitions throughout Spain before moving to Berlin in 2012 and attending Tanzfabrik Berlin. Carlos has created several solo performances, including "TI.M.O.R". (2015), "VENENA" (2019), and "SECRETO" (2020), which are currently touring Europe. He has worked with renowned choreographers, such as Fernando Melo, Lorca Renoux, Juan Tirado, Ira Demina, Karolin Stächele, Mikolaj Mikolajczyk, Julia Maria Koch, Pies Merkx, and Efrat Stempler. Carlos has also collaborated with theatre companies, including Theater Strahl (Berlin), Dagada Dance Company (Freiburg), La Monnaie De Munt - Brussels, and Opera Trista und Isolde De Dancers (The Netherlands).

Community Dance Performance (Malta/Israel)

Urban Symphonies

Urban Symphony will investigate the continuum of Harmony and DisHarmony in the urban environment of Valletta, and question how the movement of the collective - the performing community as well as the people in the city - connect and engage with the city. Taking the symphonic structure as a container, the community collective will experiment with the resonance of the urban environment in Valletta. The performative language will comprise Movement, Voice and musical Instruments that take inspiration from the Rhythms, Architectural Character, and the Visual and Sonic structures in Valletta.

In collaboration by Spazju Kreattiv


Julienne Schembri

Julienne is a performer, community artist, and creative producer. She creates communities of people moving together and has been active in the field of dance and movement for over ten years in London and more recently in Malta. She is a Certified Movement Analyst and movement educator. She is co-founder of Dance Beyond Borders, where she co-produces Refugee Week Malta. Currently, she shares a practice with Opening Doors, ZfinMalta, the University of Malta, and the Malta Dementia Society, where she is working as a board member for 2022/3.

Maya Felixbrodt


Maya Felixbrodt is a musician, Violist, and composer. She reconnects sound and music through music and the Laban Bartenieff Movement System. She is a Certified Movement Analyst and movement educator. She is the co-curator of Screen Dive, co-founder and artistic director of Moving Strings, and a member of the duos Zvov and NO HORNS. ARTIST BLURB: Urban Symphony will investigate the continuum of Harmony and DisHarmony in the urban environment of Valletta, and question how the movement of the collective - the performing community as well as the people in the city - connect and engage with the city.Supported by Spazzju Kreattiv


Verda Zincirkiran

Sarah Chou

Kelly Diakoulaki

Destiny Casa

Eliza Paś

Ġagħel Dingli

Deborah Falzon

Nataša Pantović

Eve Cocks

Nicole Zammit

Sarah Sammut

Amy Vella

Charlene Galea

Michal Gil

Peter Chiang

SOL Dance Company (Israel)


PISHPESH – in Hebrew means – “A Flea”. If we change the space, time and other beings around one interaction between two, three or a group of people, will the interaction stay the same or will it change too?

Is the result of everything that we do is dependent on our surroundings? How much of us is really us, and how much of us is our background and reflections of one another?

Co – Creator, Rehearsal Director & Company Manager: Tamar Barlev

Dancers: Tamar Lee Barlev, Shay Partush, Luca Cacitti, Eyal Dadon

Music: alt-J, Bon Iver, Eyal Dadon, Minilogue

Supported by FINARO and the Embassy of Israel

In-kind support by Moveo Dance Studios


SOL Dance Company

SOL Dance Company is the house company of the House of Dance theatre in Be’er Sheva, where dancers and choreographer Eyal Dadon examine and develop their dance language and their approach in different ways to movement, society, music, and life. The artistic team consists of seven unique dancers, a Rehearsal Director, and a choreographer / Artistic Director. The dancers and the work are accessible to the audience intimately and humanely. Already in its early years SOL dance company became an International Company after its success in the field of dance in Israel and around the world. The company was invited to perform in leading festivals in the international dance scene and established its name as a promising contemporary dance company with a unique language and stage approach.

Eyal Dadon

Eyal Dadon was born in 1989, In Israel Be'er Sheva. Dadon is the Founder Artistic Director and Choreographer of SOL Dance Company & House of dance theatre in Beersheba. Dadon has received numerous awards including The local Choreographer of the Year in Israel in 2019. 2014 “Yair Shapira” Prize for a dancer of the year who had contributed to the Israeli Dance field. In the same year he won the first prize award in the Hannover Choreography competition for his duet “Pishepsh” collaborated with Tamar Barlev. In 2011 Dadon began choreographing his work and leading dance workshops for dance companies and universities around the world. In 2016 Dadon was invited to establish and lead the House of Dance Theater Co-Artistic Direction in Be’er Sheva, there, Dadon established SOL Dance Company together with the House of Dance association & team. Under his direction, the company has performed 5 full-length works made by Dadon since 2016. The company became very quickly into a leading international success in the contemporary dance field.

Youcef Ouali Dance Company (France)


For his first show, Youcef Ouali highlights his vision of living together, mixing different styles of dance - hip-hop, contemporary dance, circus - to call for tolerance and respect for everyone's differences. In hONdi'cap, five dancers with total gestural ability share the stage with a dancer with a physical disability, proving his ability to call himself an artist just like the other performers on stage. Using the wheelchair like any other accessory for performing acrobatics, this artistic exchange testifies to the strength of the group and the importance of complicity in the face of the word "handicap" which can sometimes be frightening. An ode to equality, this strong and exhilarating piece shows that dance is a means of overcoming differences to stimulate positive and benevolent energy.

Dancers: Youcef Ouali, Nathan Cohen, Mosab Belhajali, Amine Maamar Kouadri, Quentin Angerrand, Anastasiia Chudomekhova, Robyn Siobhan Haefeli


Supported by French Embassy

The Y. OUALI company is made up of 8 dancers including the choreographer, they are all from the same training and among them 2 dancers (they will be integrated into the first show entitled "HONdi'cap") are persons with disability. They all come together through dance, the school of the street, all with the same intentions, and the same desires, despite their physical differences. This company is a way for Youcef Ouali to meet and mix genres, to upset the codes of dance to leave a share of freedom for dancers to put their personal touch on stage. Together we create a universe unique by artistic coherence.

Youcef Ouali

Born on June 25, 1991 in Tizi-Ouzou in Algeria, comes from a traditional family: dance was not necessarily an accepted art but in vain he listened to his heart while preserving family values and put aside the received ideas of his father to indulge in the world of breakdancing. When he arrived in France in 2011, he rubbed shoulders with and discovered the "street shows" that would allow him to confront the public directly and learn how to speak and develop their imagination through choreography and acrobatics that are ever more surprising from each other. In 2015 he joined the Compagnie Hervé KOUBI where he travelled through French cities participating in différent festivals. In 2019 he created his company to stage his projects, his ideas working on various projects. His first creation entitled "hONdi'cap" questions the vision of the world of disabled and able-bodied people, the art of mixing the performances of each in order to unite through their

30 July 2023
Teatru Manoel, Valletta
Triton Square
Freedom Square
Manoel Theatre
€15 - €20
Audience Level
Suitable for All
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Dance Festival Malta 2023

Dance Festival Malta Day 4

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