Evolve deals with the concept of growth, both from its scientific aspect and from its physical expression in dance. The dancers use physical exertion as a tool for development, their muscles experiencing a constant struggle through which they try to understand each other. As two distinct entities they strive for a state of union of forces in which they can realize, each separately, their power and uniqueness. It's their strive for harmony that motivates them to move and interact in a chaotic world. The work was created during a unique residency at the Weizmann Institute of Science where Shahar Binyamini was the first artist ever invited to create at the Institute.

The work was supported by a residency at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

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Choreography: Shahar Binyamini

Performers: Yotam Baruch, Kornelia Lech

Music: Mica Levi

Costume Design: Shahar Binyamini

Video work: Ami Jacobs

Shahar Binyamini

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29 July 2022
Valletta Campus Theatre
7:30 pm
€7 - €10
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Suitable for All

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