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Fashion Unleashed

Fashion Unleashed

Malta International Arts Festival on Fringe

Programme Note

The Malta International Arts Festival (MIAF) is proud to present a fashion and movement production presented by the students of MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Retail in collaboration with the Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts. This movement-based performance will present three fashion collections entitled “Chaotic Pain”, “Limbo” and “Outburst” – interspersed by live music interludes on the drum kit  by William Smith. The garments presented by the students are part of their Advanced Diploma in fashion and Retail programme, end of course  major project. The programme aims to respond to the demand for fashion professionals within the fashion industry, including fashion/costume design and production, retail and marketing.

Chaotic Pain

"Chaotic" is a beautiful mix of soft femininity and strength that hides the pain of past years. It is perfect for people who want to embrace their inner power and beauty and break away from traditional fashion. The Chaotic Pain collection is a bold and daring style statement that opposes the usual rules of fashion. Inspired by the 1900s, it combines the forbidden ideas of seduction and elegance to create a beautiful chaos of contrasts. This collection aims to present women power by introducing assertive sexuality, which challenges the traditional way of thinking that stated such contrasts are wrong. The pieces project women’s confidence and power, even if this is done through what was once considered pain.


The concept behind this collection revolves around the idea of being stuck in limbo. Limbo, a state of uncertainty and of being trapped, is represented in this collection through the manipulation of fabrics.  Experimentation with various textiles to add depth to the clothing, just as there are different stages within the limbo state. The collection's monotone colour palette, primarily black, accentuates the contrast with the grey ruching. The ruching highlights the tight-fitting silhouette, symbolising the feeling of being entrapped like the souls in limbo. This silhouette showcases the female form's hourglass shape, creating a simple yet sexy and sophisticated look. Overall, the collection captures the essence of limbo, portraying the feeling of being in-between and the uncertainty that comes with it.


The Surreal Outburst collection embodies the concept of release and explosion, where the outburst represents the triumph over pain, while the scars of the past remain. The collection draws inspiration from the works of Elsa Schiaparelli, the famous surrealist fashion designer, and incorporates elements of surrealism in its design. The simple yet powerful image of a bouquet of flowers serves as the foundation for the collection, which was then exaggerated and experimented with to create a surrealistic approach, playing with shapes and forms. The addition of a hand holding the bouquet adds a surreal touch to the collection. The explosion is symbolized by the volume created by the flower shapes, which creates a contrast and variation in the collection. Overall, the Surreal Outburst collection is a bold and daring representation of overcoming pain and releasing emotions, with a touch of surrealism inspired by the works of Elsa Schiaparelli. The scars of the past may remain, but through unity, we can stand together and move forward.


Williams Smith


William Smith is a drummer, percussionist and composer who obtained a bachelor’s degree in jazz drum set from the HKU conservatory in Utrecht in 2021, and is currently enrolled in the Masters programme in jazz drum set at the ManhaDan School of Music in New York, where he is studying with Kendrick ScoD. In July 2022, he composed, recorded and released his debut album comprised solely of original music enKtled “Nomad”, with his quartet. He has played in various venues in the Netherlands and in Malta, both as a band leader and a side-man (Bimhuis, TivoliVredenburg, Malta Jazz FesKval). He has also toured extensively with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and played in many presKgious concert halls around the world including the Berliner Philharmoniker, Muzikverein, and Carnegie Hall.


Names of Design Students (Order of Outfits for the show)

Maria Pia Falzon 

Georgiana Pace 

Matthias Psaila

Gillian Grech

Kylie Vella

Maria Buhagiar

Mikaela Vella

Selena Mallia 

Names of Student Dancers

Carl Bonnici

Elisa Marie Galea 

Francesca Agius 

Kristina Buttigieg

Lara Pace

Luca Attard

Nadesh Camilleri

Nicole Magro 

Nikita Fenech 

Sarah Ng Xi Van

Lecturers Involved 

Anna Ancilleri: Course Co-ordinator Fashion MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts - Project Manager

Maria Cutajar: Assistant Lecturer Fashion MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts - Producer and Creative Director

Valentina Cauchi: Assistant Lecturer Movement MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts - Movement Director and Assistant Producer 

Elisha Camilleri: Assistant Lecturer Fashion MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts -   Creative Director and Assistant Producer

In collaboration with MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts & Heritage Malta


17 June 2023
Gran Salon, National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta
Audience Level
Other Dates
17 June
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Malta International Arts Festival on Fringe

Fashion Unleashed

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