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Contemporary Streamflow Method Dance by Luca Cacitti (Italy/Israel)

Contemporary Streamflow Method Dance by Luca Cacitti (Italy/Israel)

DFM Workshops 29 July


Throughout his dance career, Luca has been fully engaged in movement research with Heidi Vierthaler and the evolution of the Stream Flow Method, which is indeed, the main inspiration for my dance classes and workshops.


What is the Streamflow Method? A unique and constantly evolving tool for dancers and non-dancers alike, using visual imagery and tactile exercises to help release the body and heighten awareness on many levels. From simple ball imagery exploring inner and outer body, to delicate touch guidance, causing an array of dynamics, from extremely fragile to surprisingly powerful. Ideal for breaking habitual movement patterns and heightened inner and outer awareness as the foundation of endless initiations and physical organisations.


The workshop will deal with working on separating the body into small sections from joint to joint and space to space. As well, a work on movement phrases that will allow for surprising initiations, and a richer result with less effort and a rich pallet of dynamics. The aim is to encourage the dancers to be great thinkers, while sensitive to their body. The key is being open, responsive and playful.


StreamFlow Method is taught in major dance companies such as Gothenburg DansKompani, Carte Blanche, Skånes Danstheater, The Nederlands Dans Theater, TanzTheater Wuppertal,  Heidelberg Theater and many others.

Luca Cacitti

Luca Cacitti was born in Italy 1989 and he began his dance journey with Ballroom/Latin American dance competitions at the age of 6 years old.  In 2007 he moved to The Netherlands where he studied at Codarts and had the great opportunity to learn different dance techniques and styles and perform the repertoire from prominent choreographers. In the last years of his education he was invited at first to join Conny Jansenn Dans and later at Noord Nederlands Dans where he performed works of the artistic director Stephen Shropshire as well as Itzik Galili, Edan Sharabi, Andrea Miller, Roy Asaf and Emanuel Gat, and many others.

Since 2012 he is working for different choreographers/directors in Europe, for instance: Dunja Jocic, Tabea Martin, Marcus Azzini & Cecilia Moisio, Jasmine Ellis, Liat Waysbort, Mor Shani, Ryan Djojokarso, Itamar Serussi, Club Guy&Roni, Falk Richter & Anouk Van Dijk, and many others.

He is currently collaborating with Heidi Vierthaler, OFFProjects directed by Amos Bental and SOL Dance Company by Eyal Dadon.

29 July 2023
The Dance Workshop Studio 2
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DFM Workshops 29 July

Contemporary Streamflow Method Dance by Luca Cacitti (Italy/Israel)

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