NADJA – Who Am I?

NADJA – Who Am I?

Named after André Breton's novel ''Nadja'', the work "Nadja-Who am I?" is a choreographic reverie on the work of the American Photographer Francesca Woodman. The piece focuses on the female gaze, the vulnerability of the female existence, through the prism of four powerful performers. The work seeks to raise questions and concerns about the female nature, using as inspiration the photographic material of the American photographer Francesca Woodman.

Four strong performers meet on stage and attempt with a special movement quality and choreographic vocabulary to take us to a world where bodies are exposed to the passing of time, pain, expectations and views of others, but also in their own obsessions, desires and inner struggles.

Each one performer moves on her own uniqueness, but at the same time all four coexist and communicate through female sensitivity and strength. Their bodies seem to disappear, to get lost inside mirrors, to turn upside down, to be "fragmented", in order to –subconsciously- find their totality, their earthly dimension and the search for a true and essential self.

''Nadja-Who Am I?'' was premiered on the 22nd July 2021, at Kalamata International Dance Festival. The project ‘’Nadja-Who Am I? ’’ Is financed by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports for 2020-21.

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Concept, Choreography, Direction: Athanasia Kanellopoulou

Performers: Lia Chamilothori, Matina Kostiani, Vassiana Skopetea, Maria Fountouli

Choreography Assistant: Vassiana Skopetea

Music composition: Konstantina Polychronopoulou

Scenography/ Costumes: Sotiris Melanos

Graphic Design/ Photos: Melina Koulia

Production Organization: Yolika Poulopoulou

Lighting Design: Tzanos Mazis

Video/editing: Penelope Morout, Ioannis Karounis

Production: Athanasia Kanellopoulou Performing Arts

Athanasia Kanellopolou

Terms & Conditions
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30 July 2022
Valletta Campus Theatre
7:00 pm
€12 - €15
Audience Level
Suitable for All

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