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Ritmu at Argotti - Day 1

Ritmu at Argotti - Day 1


Perreċ Il-Poeżija /Airing Poetry 

DATE: 9 & 10 June 2023

TIME: 6pm - 11pm 

Perreċ il-Poeżija is an interactive installation by Gabriel Lia that explores the link between washing clothes and traditional għana poetry. The installation highlights għana tal-banju, a traditional form of għana poetry sung by women as they went about their daily chores, including washing clothes.

Audiences are invited to participate in the creation of poetic verses by writing and pegging them to washing lines, mimicking the practice of hanging clothes out to dry, engaging with għana poetry in a tactile way.

ARTIST: Gabriel Lia

Kantuniera Mużika Maltija

DATE: 9 & 10 June 2023

TIME: 6pm-11pm

In the 20th century, Maltese music, like that of other cultures was recorded on a variety of analogue formats including vinyl records, audio cassettes and CDs. 

In a collaboration with Malta’s most reputable local music store, D’Amato Records (Est.1885), this project brings together collectors who, over the years, have gathered personal collections of Maltese music, all for the love of music and collecting. 

Together they are offering audiences the chance to peek into these music collections, providing insights into the music, the formats and the musicians that made Maltese recording history– all straight from the specialists' mouth. 

Alongside the record stall, DJ Owen Jay, a founding member of Electronic Music Malta, will provide sounds for a silent disco with his fresh mixes on Maltese music.


DATE: 9 & 10 June 2023

TIME: 6pm -11pm

The SALVATI project aims to address the issue of our current throwaway culture and the loss of heritage by offering a creative solution. Many valuable pieces of Malta's history, such as photographs and films, are being discarded daily, while fast fashion is contributing to the increasing amount of waste. In response, SALVATI offers a way to reconnect people with their past and to slow down the consumption mindset through upcycling workshops.

One of the creative techniques used by SALVATI is the use of solar dye, which involves placing images on a treated surface and exposing them to the sun's UV rays. The images selected from the Magna Żmien archive reflect the għana tradition, a form of Maltese folk music. By using this technique, SALVATI aims to preserve and highlight the rich cultural heritage of Malta.

Participants are invited to repurpose old clothes and textiles into new and unique items, reducing the amount of waste and promoting a more conscious approach to fashion.

Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ mal-Għannej / Meet the Għannej

DATE: 9 June 2023

TIME: 7pm -7.30pm

A unique opportunity to learn more about the traditional Maltese vocal music form, għana, and engage in an open discussion with practitioners of the tradition.

The episode, featuring a live għannej (folk singer) and his guitarists, will shed light on the role of the singer in għana performance, and provide examples of how improvised verses are created and sung to the accompaniment of guitars. 

The Q&A session that follows the performance will give audiences a chance to ask questions, and help foster a greater understanding of Malta’s linguistic and musical heritage.

Għannej - Nenu Borg ‘Il-Brazz’

Guitars - Calċidon Vella, Mark Vella u Denise Cachia Vella ‘Ta’ Mustaċċa’ 

Compère -  Andrew Alamango, Ritmu Roots Festival Artistic Director

Għana Lab Guitars

DATE: 9 June 2023

TIME: 8pm

A duo of accomplished local guitarists try their hand at reinterpreting traditional chord progressions, as they come together specifically for this year's edition of Ritmu Roots Festival 2023. The guitar duo aim to discover new ways of interpreting old tunes whilst proposing new musical contexts for the vocal tradition.

Guitars: Mark Axiak & Jimmy Bartolo

Photo Credit: Lucasz Bielawski (Left) & Lyndsey Bahia (Right)

Eduardo Trassierra Duo 

DATE: 9 June 2023

TIME: 8.30pm - 9.20pm

EDUARDO TRASSIERRA DUO is a flamenco duo with Eduardo Trassierra on lead flamenco guitar and Andrej Vujicic on percussion. Frontman Eduardo Trassierra is a prodigy guitarist, one of Spain's reigning young soloists, and winner of the highest awards for flamenco guitar in Andalucia. 

The flamenco roots run deep in this duo, and the jaw-dropping virtuosity in this genre is enriched with fresh grooves and surprising harmonic journeys. The two artists have played together for over two decades now, each with a particular vision and passion for their art form, coming to an acute point of unity, cutting the air with the magic of intuitive communication on stage.

The latest proposal of Eduardo Trassierra Duo, takes us to the most intimate side of the composer, a warm world full of colours, rhythms and melodies where it finds its peace. 

This contemporary fresh sound unique to Eduardo, a strong flamenco musicality on a bed of complex rhythms and masterful breaks, with well structured arrangements and lots of space for raw improvisation, this performance promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Guitar: Eduardo Trassierra 

Percussion: Andrej Vujicic

Tchavolo Schmitt

DATE: 9 June 2023

TIME:  9.45pm - 11pm

Tchavolo Schmitt is a virtuose, gypsy-jazz guitarist, who was introduced to the guitar at the age of six by his musical parents. From then on Tchavolo developed a virtuosity in the manouche style (gypsy jazz) and his renown rapidly exceeded the limits of his ancestral region, Alsace. From then on he became increasingly influential among his peers, particularly at Porte de Montreuil or Chope des Puces in Saint-Ouen, homes of tavolo-manouche swing. In 1979, he became a professional musician, returning to Alsace where he joined the band Hot Club da Sinti.  In 1993 he joined the band Gypsy Tavolo Reunion with, among others, Dorado Schmitt, Patrick Saussois and Gino Reinhardt. 

In 2002, he released the original soundtrack to Swing, a movie directed by Tony Gatlif where Tchavolo Schmitt played the role of Miraldo. In 2004, Angelo Debarre joined him to produce a tribute record to Django Reinhardt called Mémoires. In 2005 he released a solo album called Loutcha

Guitar: Tchavolo Schmitt 

Guitar: Julien Cattiaux

Double Bass: Edouard Pennes

This event is supported by Ambassade de France à Malte

9 June 2023
Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana
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Ritmu at Argotti - Day 1

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