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Ritmu at Argotti - Day 2

Ritmu at Argotti - Day 2


Perreċ Il-Poeżija /Airing Poetry 

DATE: 9 & 10 June 2023

TIME: 6pm - 11pm 

Perreċ il-Poeżija is an interactive installation by Gabriel Lia that explores the link between washing clothes and traditional għana poetry. The installation highlights għana tal-banju, a traditional form of għana poetry sung by women as they went about their daily chores, including washing clothes.

Audiences are invited to participate in the creation of poetic verses by writing and pegging them to washing lines, mimicking the practice of hanging clothes out to dry, engaging with għana poetry in a tactile way.

ARTIST: Gabriel Lia

Kantuniera Mużika Maltija

DATE: 9 & 10 June 2023

TIME: 6pm-11pm

In the 20th century, Maltese music, like that of other cultures was recorded on a variety of analogue formats including vinyl records, audio cassettes and CDs. 

In a collaboration with Malta’s most reputable local music store, D’Amato Records (Est.1885), this project brings together collectors who, over the years, have gathered personal collections of Maltese music, all for the love of music and collecting. 

Together they are offering audiences the chance to peek into these music collections, providing insights into the music, the formats and the musicians that made Maltese recording history– all straight from the specialists' mouth. 

Alongside the record stall, DJ Owen Jay, a founding member of Electronic Music Malta, will provide sounds for a silent disco with his fresh mixes on Maltese music.


DATE: 9 & 10 June 2023

TIME: 6pm -11pm

The SALVATI project aims to address the issue of our current throwaway culture and the loss of heritage by offering a creative solution. Many valuable pieces of Malta's history, such as photographs and films, are being discarded daily, while fast fashion is contributing to the increasing amount of waste. In response, SALVATI offers a way to reconnect people with their past and to slow down the consumption mindset through upcycling workshops.

One of the creative techniques used by SALVATI is the use of solar dye, which involves placing images on a treated surface and exposing them to the sun's UV rays. The images selected from the Magna Żmien archive reflect the għana tradition, a form of Maltese folk music. By using this technique, SALVATI aims to preserve and highlight the rich cultural heritage of Malta.

Participants are invited to repurpose old clothes and textiles into new and unique items, reducing the amount of waste and promoting a more conscious approach to fashion.

Making Our Collective Memory Physical

DATE:  10 June 2023

TIME:  6pm - 7pm (Children’s Workshop) & 7pm-8pm (Adults’ Workshop) 

Makkjetti are a form of Maltese theatrical entertainment that emerged in the early 20th century. They are typically short comic sketches that combine music, song, and humour. The performances often involve a group of characters, each with their distinct personality and style, who interact with each other in funny and sometimes absurd ways.

With content gleaned from the Magna Żmien archive and the ‘Malta’s Lost Voices Songbooks’ the children's workshop will provide young people with the opportunity to learn about makkjetti and participate in creating image collages for storytelling. The workshop for adults will give participants a chance to remember some popular makkjetti and, in participating, rediscover their singing skills.

This workshop will be conducted by Angele Galea. 

A Viola Amarantina Guitar with Rui Fernandes (Portugal)

DATE: 10 June 2023

TIME: 7.30pm - 8pm

Challenged to practice the Viola Amarantina in 2018, Rui Fernandes fell in love with the instrument. Since then, he has created original compositions with the purpose of demonstrating that the instrument has a far greater potential than being played only in popular or traditional music formations. 

In his short presentation of the traditional instrument, Rui explores timbres, techniques, chords and arpeggios, building a surprising variety of musical moments. This concerto was created with the objective of generating more awareness of the Viola Amarantina and introducing it to the worldly stage.

Għana Lab Voice

DATE: 10 June 2023

TIME: 8pm - 8.30pm

Comprising traditional voice and piano, this performance includes original tunes and arrangements of popular Maltese tunes, ranging from the traditional to more recent and contemporary. The duo of established local musicians, has come together to produce a set for this years’ edition of the festival, and aims to research and discover a sound that resonates with today’s audience, capturing the essence of the tradition whilst embracing the sounds of today.

Voice: Mariele Zammit

Piano & Arrangements : Joe Debono

Ana Margarida

DATE: 10 June 2023

TIME: 8.45pm - 9.45pm

An unusually talented fado singer, she carries with her a road travelled by all generations, all musical genres and a whole world of music and poetry. Faithfully attached to the tradition of fado, but free and daring to experiment with sounds other than those of the Lisbon song. Ana lives off her sensitive and unexpectedly powerful voice, her interpretation full of meanings and a life that could only be lived singing. 

In this show, she is accompanied by two of the most distinct fado musicians. Artur Caldeira is one of the most versatile Portuguese guitarists of his generation, whilst guitarist Daniel Paredes has built his renown in accompanying some of the most important contemporary fado singers. 

Ana Margarida captivates audiences with her powerful and emotional performances. She presents her journey as a fado singer to local audiences, sharing some of the most striking fados and poems that have made her one of the most breathtaking performers of her generation.

Voice: Ana Margarida

Portuguese Guitar: Artur Caldeira

Guitar: Daniel Paredes

La Mal Coifée

DATE: 10 June 2023

TIME: 9:45pm - 11pm

La Mal Coiffée is a vocal group consisting of four women based in Minervois, between Aude and Hérault. They specialize in performing a repertoire of polyphonic Languedoc songs in the Occitan language, creating their own unique style in interpreting this traditional music. The group uses their voices in the polyphonic chant tradition, as well as an array of traditional instruments, to create a rich and vibrant sound that showcases the beauty of Occitan culture.

La Mal Coiffée has toured extensively in France and Occitania, as well as many festivals worldwide, gaining recognition and appreciation for their unique style of music. Their new show, which they have been touring since 2017, has been well-received by audiences and critics alike. The group's music is published by the music label Sirventés, which specialises in Occitan music.

La Mal Coiffée is a talented and innovative vocal group that celebrates the richness and diversity of Occitan culture through their unique interpretations of traditional music. Their performances are a testament to the power of music to transcend language and cultural barriers and to bring people together in celebration of shared human experiences.

La Mal Coiffée features Myriam Boisserie, Marie Coumes, Laetitia Dutech, and Karine Berny on vocals and traditional instruments. 

This event is supported by Ambassade de France à Malte

10 June 2023
Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana
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Ritmu at Argotti - Day 2

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