Space As a Cluster

Space As a Cluster

Space as a cluster’ is an engagement of mass movement and togetherness in interplay with the public sphere. Fifteen performers move through a landscape of chaos and order, resulting in a physical, poetic and political power of a mass assemblage. Through improvisation scores that focus on horizontal, decentralised power relations, the work explores the emergence of structures in a seemingly disordered system, mediating between the individual and the collective.

Through this work we wish to challenge current and historical forms of social domination, and re-problematise how collectivity can be conceived through collective action and togetherness. We want to create awareness of the potential change that can occur from collective, horizontal, and community based processes: highlighting that multiple narratives and social formations have relevance in the collective body. The choreographic work questions what the collective body is; in society and the public space? What impact does it have? How can we belong to something larger than ourselves: not only as individuals, but existing in collective; an ecosystem?

Concept: Lisa Bysheim

Choreographic Direction: Lisa Bysheim & Sarah Vella


Arina Nekliudova

Malika Berney

Lucia Buhagiar

Luke Brincat

Luke Bugeja Gauci

Clara Galdies

Jenna Berlyn

Ġagħel Dingli

Sara Mari Cardona Chollada Phinitduang

Chollada Phinitduang

Lisa Bysheim & Sarah Vella

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31 July 2022
Freedom Square, Valletta
5:00 pm
Audience Level
Suitable for All

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