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Apollo et Hyacinthus

Apollo et Hyacinthus

Valletta Early Opera Festival

Apollo et Hyacinthus is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s (1756-1791) first venture into opera and was composed when Mozart was merely 11 years old. 

Despite his young age, this opera already showed evident signs of mastery with the musical form. Rarely performed, this opera is based on the story of Hyacinth and Apollo from Greek mythology which tells the tale of the love between Apollo and the young Spartan prince Hyacinth, as well as the murder of Hyacinth due to Zephyrus’ jealousy.

In this interpretation of Apollo et Hyacinthus, Director Fabio Ceresa gives a new flavour to Mozart’s piece through an opulent rendition of the opera complemented by set and costume design by Giuseppe Palella.

In Collaboration with Teatru Manoel

Supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura La Valletta & MHAL


Creative Team

Music - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto - Rufinus Widl

Director - Fabio Ceresa

Set & Costume Designer - Giuseppe Palella

Conductor - Giulio Prandi

Assistant Conductor – Giacomo Annese


Apollo - Nils Wanderer

Hyacinthus - Federico Fiorio

Melia - Claire Debono

Oebalus - Raffaele Giordani

Zephyrus - Danilo Pasotre 

Sacerdos - Albert Buttigieg

Arianna Art Ensemble

1st Violin - Angelo Calvo, Gabriele Pro, Beatrice Scaldini, Gabriele Politi 

2nd Violin - Francesco Colletti,  Andrea Lizarraga, Raffaele Nicoletti,  Katarzyna Solecka 

Viola - Sara Bagnati, Giorgio Chinnici

Cello - Anna Camporini, Andrea Rigano

Controbasso - Marco Lo Cicero 

Oboe - Rei Ishizaka , Fabio D’Onofrio

Fagotto - Angelo Caruso, Alessandro Nasello

French Horn - Alessandro Orlando

Harpsichord / Pianoforte - Rossella Policardo

10 November 2023
Teatru Manoel, Valletta
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Audience Level
Suitable for All
Other Dates
11 November 2022
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Valletta Early Opera Festival

Apollo et Hyacinthus

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