Do you know when you dream of falling? And the feeling you have when you wake up? A gasp and a sense of distress. You can never speak too much about violence because some issues should never be forgotten!

Viola(ta) was born as a contemporary dance performance to speak about violence against women, a topic of high relevance, which has existed for thousands of years since the birth of man and his desire for supremacy over every Being alive inferior. To denounce is the first step towards freedom, the recapture of one's dignity and above all is the first step towards salvation: what is better than getting up in the morning, watching the sun and asking "What do I do today? Where am I going?" Without fear of being insulted, mistreated, without feeling guilty about not doing anything. Vito Alfarano wants to emphasize this problem because to insist it is never enough.

Viola(ta) is born from the need to talk about the emotions that accompany women that are victims of violence without defining the fact. The beginning of Viola(ta) is at the same time its end, such as a cycle repeated cyclically where the woman does not have a single identity but represents every age, social and racial extraction, under the burden of an abuse.

Viola(ta) won the critics' prize at IFMC 2018 (International Festival Modern Choreography) at Vitebsk in Belarus for "the actuality and the social impact of the performance’s theme"

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Choreography: Vito Alfarano

Dancer: Stefania Catarinella

Production: AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica

Music: Cecilia Bartoli, Quartetto Cetra, Olafur Arnalds


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30 July 2022
Valletta Campus Theatre
6:00 pm
€12 - €15
Audience Level

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