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Contemporary Technique & Creative Lab

Vito Alfarano - AlphaZTL


Dance Festival Malta 2022

Workshop Dates

29 July 2022, 10:00am - 12:00pm


The Dance Workshop, 1 Triq San Lawrenz, Tal-Pietà, Malta

Class Description

During the first phase of the workshop we will use the floorwork technique as a warm up to have the feeling of being one with the floor: as comfortable as the same feeling you get in the morning waking up in bed.

In the second part dedicated to choreography we will combine the lightness and softness acquired in the warmup with the energy of movement. We will work on quality to turn movement into a good feeling.

Level Description:

  • Recommended to dancers having over 3 years dance experience or other movement practices.

  • Building an understanding of space in and around the body.

  • Movement exploration in relation to self and others working in a creative space.

Date: 29/07/2022

Time: 10AM – 12PM

Studio 2

This event follows all current Covid-19 regulations.

The Festival cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury to yourself, or damage to any personal property that may occur when taking part in any classes.

Terms & Conditions

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