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Guitar Masterclass

Daniele Cordisco


Malta Jazz Festival 2022

Workshop Dates

12 July 2022 - 5pm


Hotel Phoenicia, Valletta

Class Description

Daniele will discuss the main elements of jazz guitar such as: improvisation from basics to advanced level, comping in different styles and different ensembles, understanding the fretboard, the importance of practicing with metronome and how to do so.

Playing guitar also means to be able to play on your own, therefore learning the basic tecniques for chord melody and creating your own repertoire for guitar solo, duos or trios.

Essential tips will be shared on how to develop the jazz language, from bebop to modal jazz and how to construct phrases. 

Last, but not least, the importance of learning chords and tunes in different keys. These and other aspects of jazz guitar will be discussed in this masterclass, if you’re into jazz learning, this is for you!

Booking Required

Terms & Conditions

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