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Banjo Rancho

A musician by profession, Benji Cachia, otherwise known as ‘Banjo Rancho’, has been
practicing and studying music and performance for over 20 years, playing alongside and
sharing the stage with some huge artists including John Butler, Plini, Fernando Hernandez, Gutrie Govan and Delta Sleep!

As a passionate teacher of percussion and music, Benji has been teaching people of all ages, levels, and abilities in the last 10 years.

He has also established a strong network of collaborators due to his music travels across the world mainly, India, Turkey, and various countries in Europe, including award winning musician Pete Lockett, named one of the most versatile and prolific percussionists in the world of whom he has initiated, and organised rhythm workshops held in Malta for the more advanced musician. He also plays a significant role as a music assistant with Opening Doors since 2015, supporting those with mental or physical boundaries and challenges to express themselves freely through the language of music.

As leader of The Ranch, a high-powered, colourful, contemporary, and experimental jazz
Benji has toured extensively for the last 10 years both locally and throughout Europe performing music from both his own work and works of other people.

Banjo Rancho


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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