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Francesca Scerri

Francesca is a musical theatre actor having debuted and performed in the 5 year long musical run of 'Knights Spectacular 1565' in the lead role of Melita.

She later went on to specialise in cabaret performances as well as performing at the Teatru Manoel in ‘La Lupa’

Francesca could be seen in prominent roles on local television in shows such as 'Zafira', 'Emilja' and 'F'Gieh l-Imhabba’. She hosted a weekly discussion program ‘Propjeta Malta’ on Television Malta, and in 2022 she will be debuting in a featurette produced by 'TakeTwo'.

Francesca’s passion for script writing and producing has led her to set up ‘Afterglow Events’ and ‘The Kettle Club’, where she aims to bring regular work to local artists as well as increase the overall appreciation to the art of Musical Theatre.

Francesca Scerri


Malta International Arts Festival 2022

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