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Francesco Sultana

Francesco is a Maltese musician and craftsman hailing from the alternative music scene. He released two albums playing with local indie group Plato’s Dream Machine and featured as a session musician with Brodu in some of their albums. While studying for his degree he came across the world of Maltese folk instruments thanks to local pioneers Ruben Zahra, Gużi Gatt, Karl Partridge and Peter Paul Farrugia and since the past 9 years, thanks to the experience gained working as a restorer, has been slowly re-learning and improving on the traditional crafting of our local folk woodwind instruments. He performed on his self-made instruments for Queen Elisabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh as well as various times as a soloist with the Malta philharmonic orchestra. Presently, Francesco is aiming to share his knowledge of instrument-making though various workshops and presentations to the public.

Francesco Sultana


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