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Hannah Sampson

Hannah has been involved with Stopgap for a number of years, firstly as an original member of Stopgap’s Youth Company and from 2010 as an Apprentice Dancer. In 2013 Hannah became the original member of Sg2 and graduated in 2016 into the main touring team. She also toured a number of countries nationally and internationally as an apprentice and touring member of the main company.

Hannah danced in Chris Pavia’s choreographic works Shadowed Voices (performed at schools and conferences across UK, as well as Albania for the Albanian President in 2010), Captured by the Dark (Resolution! 2013 at the Place, London) and The Awakening (2014, Southbank London).

From Sg2, Hannah had collaborated on Exhibition, The Awakening and Night at the Theatre (choreographed by Tim Casson). She was a guest artist for Stopgap in our outdoor work Tracking, SPUN Productions and Seafarers. From 2016-17, she took part in the indoor production The Enormous Room. She’s now currently collaborating with other dance artists in our recent outdoor work FROCK.

Hannah Sampson


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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