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Matina Kostiani

Matina Kostiani is an Athens-based dance performing artist and teacher. She received an education in classical dance from an early age, but fell in love with contemporary dance as soon as she experienced its different techniques (Limon, Release, Graham). She decided to study dance at a professional level while she was studying Architecture at the NTU of Athens. She got accepted into AKTINA professional dance school and managed to complete her architectural studies later on. It was at AKTINA that she specialized in release technique, through practicing next to Betty Dramisioti and Kiki Bacca (exceptional dancers of the field). During her professional studies, she took part in performances and festivals such as Athens Video Dance Project and Dance School Ways. After her graduation in June 2019, she started offering both classical and contemporary dance classes for different ages and levels, while she participated as a performer in dance and theatrical pieces. From July 2020, she is part of the choreographic project “Nadja-Who Am I?”, created by Athanasia Kanellopoulou Performing Arts.

Matina Kostiani


Dance Festival Malta 2022

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