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Call for Service

Project Coordinator within Festivals Malta Ref. Festivals /CFQ2023/102

The services of an officer providing Project Coordination Services are required, with an average of 40 hours of service a week.

The service shall be remunerated at €11.81 per hour excl. VAT during office hours and at the rate of €16.00 per hour for work carried out of office hours during the Production Weeks for a twelve month period.

Festivals Malta

Festivals Malta is the national government body dedicated to the nurturing and growth of festivals and cultural events in Malta and Gozo.

The agency was launched in 2017 and entrusted with a varied portfolio of festivals to foster creativity, professionalism, participation and cultural education in the sector. It is responsible for an annual calendar of more than 160 separate activities across 8 engaging and accessible festivals and 5 national events that serve as a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and reflect the variety of cultural life on the Maltese archipelago, preserving local traditions, cultivating an environment of creativity and artistic expression and promoting public awareness of the arts. By acting as the focal point of collaboration and cross-promotion in the creative sector, Festivals Malta works to raise the profile of Maltese culture in the community and to promote Malta internationally as a festival destination.

Services Required

The provider selected shall provide Project Coordination services as requested.

Main Tasks

i. Assit in the administration and logistics for events/projects as per direction of CEO, Festivals Manager/s and Artistic Director/s.

ii. Assist on all areas of administrative, event planning, delivery and operational support following a time plan.

iii. Liaise with the relevant Government departments and entities for permits, etc. ensuring collaboration.

iv. Assist with site planning and permits.

v. Give creative input on project content and design ensuring smooth running of festivals assigned.

vi. Coordinate Procurement as per riders provided.

vii. Prepare event and artists’ schedules.

viii. Coordinate all stage management preparations.

ix. Coordinate travel, accommodation and meals where applicable.

x. Coordinate transport schedules.

xi. Coordinate artists’ hospitality.

xii. Meeting deadlines set by the Festival Manager.

xiii. Managing time effectively.

xiv. Give attention to detail on all projects.

xv. Prepare procurement for all services according to government procurement regulations.

xvi. Assist in preparing risk assessment plans while consulting with experts in the field.

xvii. Assist in health and safety reports for all projects while consulting with experts in the field.

xviii. Coordinate insurance policies with experts in the field.

xix. Coordinate with PRS.

xx. Provide administrative support to Festival Manager as requested.

xxi. Coordinate instrument and backline hire.

xxii. Coordinate rehearsal and sound check schedules.

xxiii. Able to work in a team, adapt rapidly and respond to change in a fast-changing environment.

xxiv. Work during weekends and public holidays, including evenings as per Agency’s exigencies.

xxv. Follow any other ad hoc assignments in relation to festivals and events as may be directed and agreed with CEO Festivals Malta.

Qualifications and Experience Required

Interested applicants are to have:

- 2 VET Diplomas or 2 A Levels (MQF Level 4)

- Professional discretion

- Efficiency

- Knowledge of the cultural sector in Malta;

- Excellent coordination skills;

- Ability to communicate in Maltese and English;

- Strong organisational skills;

- Well-developed time management skills

- Ability to work under pressure;

- Strong attention to detail;

- Proficient computer skills (MS office and Outlook)

- Verbal and written articulacy


Interested applicants are required to send a motivation letter together with a CV and certified true copies of certificates by email on:

By not later than 7th November 2023 by noon

Eligible applicants will be asked to sit for a selection interview.


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