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Fashion Unleashed

Fashion Unleashed

Malta International Arts Festival 2024 on Fringe

The Malta International Arts Festival is pleased to present the second edition of Fashion Unleashed. A fashion and movement showcase by MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts' students, combining efforts from the Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Retail and The Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts. The performance will unveil four fashion collections: “Opulent Allure,” “Remnant,” “Velata Anima,” and “Precarious”. These creations are the students' final projects for their Advanced Diploma, aimed at preparing them for careers in the fashion industry, including roles in design, production, retail, and marketing. Performing Arts students are merged in the presentation to add motion and excitement. The event also includes a live performance by Bowz Duo featuring violinists Nadine Galea and Reginald Clews.


Fashion Unleashed - The Malta International Arts Festival 2023



I. Opulent Allure

II. Precarious

III. Remnant

IV. Velata Anima


Bowz Duo 

The Bowz Duo brings together two virtuoso violinists who were classically trained at two of the world’s top-ranked music schools, McGil University and Royal College of Music London. Stemming from a background in solo performance as well as chamber music and orchestral, they’ve joined their creative forces to come up with this unique compilation of witty mashups while simultaneously playing drums with their feet. The Bowz Duo have performed for Queen Elizabeth & countless Presidents/Prime Ministers, as well as a broad audience ranging from university campus festivals to theatre stages all across Europe.  From Bach & Mozart to Queen, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, movie themes & more. This is a one-of-a-kind show that will have you guessing the tunes all throughout and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy!



Fashion Unleashed - The Malta International Arts Festival 2023

Photos: Elisa Von Brockdorff


Opulent Allure | Students - Clement Gauci Peresso, Ilona Marquette, Mariah Pace, Matias Cassar, Shanaia Zammit, Thea Tedesco

Precarious | Students - Diego Mirabile, Karolina Calleja, Keira Aquilina, Maya D’Amato

Remnant | Students - Alexandria Wood, Jake Xerri, Maja Attard Portughes, Martina Calleja, Michelle Vella

Velata Anima | Students - Cherise Debono, Faith Maria Scicluna Genovese, Ria Elene Hewitt, Chantelle Calleja Tate, Myra Grech

Dancers - Nikita Fenech, Lara Pace, Nadesh Camilleri

Course Co-ordinator Fashion MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts | Project Manager - Anna Ancilleri

Assistant Lecturer Fashion MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts | Producer, Creative Director, and Movement Director - Maria Cutajar

Lecturer Fashion MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts | Creative Director and Assistant Producer - Elisha Camilleri

Assistant Lecturer Performing Arts MCAST | Light Design Supervision - Moritz Zavan Stoeckle

Assistant Lecturer Performing and Fine Arts Arts MCAST | Prop Design Supervision - Stefan Priehyba

In collaboration with MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts

17 June 2024
Valletta Campus Theatre, Valletta
General Admission - €10
Audience Level
Minimum Age: 8 years
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All prices are inclusive of VAT

Malta International Arts Festival 2024 on Fringe

Fashion Unleashed

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