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La Serva Padrona by Gian Battista Pergolesi (Children's Performance)

La Serva Padrona by Gian Battista Pergolesi (Children's Performance)

Valletta Baroque Festival 2024


Music Director Sarah Spiteri

Scenic Director Jacob Piccinino

Serpina Analise Mifsud

Uberto Louis Andrew Cassar

Vespone Jacob Piccinino

Valletta Baroque Ensemble

Violins Sarah Spiteri

Carol Ciantar

Viola Joseph Mallia

Cello Jacob Portelli

Double Bass Abigail Grech

Harpsichord Tom Armitage


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710–1736) 

Sinfonia – O frate ‘nnamurato

La Serva Padrona

Libretto - Gennaro Federico Adaptation to English – Sarah Spiter

Programme notes

Nearly three centuries have gone by since Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona hit the stage in 1733 at the Teatro San Bartolomeo in Naples. Pergolesi may have left us too soon, but his musical legacy, especially with gems like La Serva Padrona and the Stabat Mater, is still making waves.

Originally just a side act for the serious opera Il Prigionier Superbo, this piece took the scene by storm, playing in major theatres across Italy and Europe. In 1752, it even caught the attention of the Parisian intellectual crowd, becoming a symbol of a style that perfectly blends "imitation de la nature et la vérité de l’expression" (imitation of nature and truthfulness of expression), as the French philosopher D’Alembert would say.

Pergolesi spun this comedic masterpiece with only three characters and a plot that gets straight to the point. It's fantastic because it offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of the past, and the humour isn't just for a good laugh—it's a nod to the fact that being witty and having sharp ideas has always been cool!

This play is perfect for children because, despite its age, it still connects with us today. The characters are just like the ones in our beloved sitcoms or series—funny and easy to relate to. They possess that timeless quality that feels a lot like the shows we love to binge-watch.

It's reminiscent of a classic narrative that evokes laughter and reflection - a performance dedicated to comedy, clever plans, and surprising twists – just what you need!

Sarah Spiteri

28 January 2024
Teatru Manoel, Valletta
€5 - €10
Audience Level
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Valletta Baroque Festival 2024

La Serva Padrona by Gian Battista Pergolesi (Children's Performance)

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