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Malta International Arts Festival on Fringe

Programme Note

MaltiEtnik is a music and dance pop-up street performance bringing together locals and internationals. Happening across three localities, it creates an accessible performance for inhabitants to experience the possibility of diverse people being in harmony together in Malta. With the word play on 'MaltiEtnik' which can be understood as 'Multi Ethnic, this celebrates the diverse ethnicities that form part of today's culturally-rich and contemporary Maltese life. MaltiEtnik is a collaboration between the Malta International Arts Festival and Dance Beyond Borders for Refugee Week Malta.


Photo by Joanna De Marco

Dance Beyond Borders

Dance Beyond Borders Foundation believes in the power of the arts for social change; we connect people from diverse backgrounds to create a more integrated community. One of the ways we do this is Refugee Week Malta (RWM); the local edition of the international festival that celebrates the creativity, contributions and resilience of people seeking refuge. Through education, artistic, and community events, RWM encourages people to put compassion into action by connecting with individuals beyond labels. This festival nurtures a culture of care and represents a Movement of Welcome of a more united community amongst all people living in Malta.

Photo by Kris Micallef

Chakib Zidi

Choreographer & Dancer

Malta-based choreographer, dancer and LGBTIQ activist. He trained in both Ballet and contemporary dance in the National ballet of Tunisia and TRAMONI-CAPARROS Russian ballet school of Tunis. In 2009, he joined the National Ballet of Tunis as teacher and choreographer for 3 years, in 2011 he joined Studios Ikaas`s Dance company where he starts teaching and choreographing for the company. He worked as a dance instructor, lecturer and Unit Writer at the university of High Institute for Dramatic Art of Tunis. He was also commissioned by Koppin, Valletta capital city of culture 2018, Valletta Cultural Agency, ARC Allied Rainbow, Malta Festivals, Zfinmalta to choreograph dance performances on the theme of migration, borders, and minorities. As an activist he is interested in creating dance that is preoccupied with the notion of personal expression, collective freedom, identity, gender fluidity, borders, and commitment to healing justice. As freelancer he has performed in various projects both locally and internationally.

Jose Calderon Galvez


Since he was a child, José Calderón was attracted to music, especially percussion. “My mother gave me a darbouka when I was 10 years old, and from then, my relationship with percussion started”. He was born in Seville (Spain). He has always been in contact with his music and dance culture playing the rhythms on the cajón and other percussion instruments. When hw was in his twenties he moved to Madrid where he started his professional career studying different folk music and participating in different projects around Brazilian, African, Arabic, Latin and Indian music. Since 2013 he is based in Malta where he participated and creates different projects with local and foreigners artists. He formed the school of percussion Trakadum in 2018 and Trakafest world music festival in 2019.


Choreography: Chakib Zidi

Music: Jose Calderon Galvez

Dancers: Dance Beyond Borders

Choreographed by Chakib Zidi in collaboration with Dance Beyond Borders and Refugee Week Malta.

22 June 2023
Thursday - Tritoni Square, Valletta
Friday – Marsaskala Bridge
Saturday – Bugibba Square
Audience Level
Other Dates
22 - 24 June
Terms & Conditions

Malta International Arts Festival on Fringe


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