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Steli - Performance 1

Steli - Performance 1

Malta International Arts Festival 2024 on Fringe

Come together in this fun, lively event where you create a huge structure made out of wooden sticks. Once the hard work is done, you can explore your creation by walking under, around and through it!

A bridge between contemporary art and performance, Steli is a stunning, interactive and colourful performance. Steli is the result of an educational and performative project called Reaction, created in collaboration with the Education Department of Castello di Rivoli – Contemporary Art Museum.


Stalker Teatro

The artistic core of Stalker Teatro have worked together since setting up the ‘Political Collective’ at Turin Academy of Fine Arts in 1975, the heyday of Italy’s post-68 cultural and political uproar. This has left an enduring mark on the company’s work which is characterised by a strong commitment to artistic experimentation within socially sensitive and challenging situations. In the 1980s they started a residency in Italy’s largest psychiatric clinic in Grugliasco which led to the formal foundation of Stalker Teatro in 1986, inspired by the film “Stalker” by the russian film maker Andrej Tarkovskij. In the 1990s, during a five-year residency at Cittadellarte, Stalker Teatro has developed important projects with Michelangelo Pistoletto in Italy and Europe at festivals, theaters, universities and prestigious museums of contemporary art. From 2015, using a distinctive style developed from site-specific events, performance art and participatory theatre, Stalker Teatro have performed throughout all major locations and festivals in Europe and beyond.



Concept - Gabriele Boccacini

Original score - Riccardo Ruggeri & Simone Bosco

Performers - Stefano Bosco, Dario Prazzoli, Sara Ghirlanda & Silvia Sabatino

Production - Stalker Teatro

Support - Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, Turin City Council

In collaboration with - Castello di Rivoli - Contemporary Art Museum

International premiere - Imaginarius Festival 2015 (PT)

In collaboration with Sliema Arts Festival and Sliema Local Council

14 June 2024
Ġnien lndipendenza, Sliema
Audience Level
Minimum Age: 6 years
Other Dates
15 June 7:30pm - Birżebbuġa | 16 June 7:30pm - Valletta
Terms & Conditions
Young children should be supervised by parents at all times.

Malta International Arts Festival 2024 on Fringe

Steli - Performance 1

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