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Unlimited Guitar

Unlimited Guitar

Valletta Baroque Festival 2024


Tariq Harb – classical guitarist


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Prelude, BWV 999 

Prelude in C major, BWV 846 

Adaptations by Tariq Harb

Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007 Prelude

Allemande Courante Sarabande Menuet I & II Gigue

Adaptation by Jeffrey McFadden

Toccata and Fugue, BWV 565 

Adaptation by Edson Lopes


Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)

Violin Concerto in D major, RV 230 

Adaptation by Tariq Harb

Tariq Harb (b. 1981)

Spirit - Suite for Guitar 

I. Dance of the Jinn

II. Midnight 

III. Rondo

IV. Meditativo 

V. Motherland

Astor Piazzolla (1921 - 1992)

Invierno Porteño

Adaptation by Sérgio Assad 

Programme Notes


My chosen, self-titled programme “The Unlimited Guitar”, contains arrangements of great baroque era compositions and popular non-guitar repertoire. Contrary to popular belief that the guitar repertoire is limited in scope, I propose a different view: the guitar repertoire is in fact unlimited, due to the instrument being versatile and having the polyphonic, harmonic and musical capability and capacity to receive arrangements from any genre, era and style of music. The first Cello Suite, BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach, and Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto, RV 230 from his L’estro armonico concerto collection, are just two of the “greatest hits” list of pieces on the programme. An original composition (not a great hit, yet!) made it to the programme as well. Titled Spirit, it is a five-movement work for solo guitar which has recently been published by Les Productions d’Oz in Canada. I end the programme with a beautiful arrangement by Sérgio Assad of the passionate Invierno Porteño by Astor Piazzolla, a piece that has inspired me to travel to Buenos Aires in search of authentic tango dance and nuevo tango performances. Experiencing this music first-hand amplified my admiration for tango and therefore has altered my way of interpreting Piazzolla’s music. From Baroque compositions to modern pieces, this programme highlights most importantly the classical guitar’s unique and adaptive musical nature coupled with its plethora of expressive devices that render music at a deep, impactful and personal level.


27 January 2024
Oratory of the Immacolata (Jesuits' Church), Valletta
€20 - €30
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Valletta Baroque Festival 2024

Unlimited Guitar

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